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Sorry, Ray, Nighttime Isn’t Always The Right Time…

CalFire Cam

Drummers, Zoomers, Gunners and Thunder Runners were all out and about Tuesday evening – despite temperatures dipping into the Twenties in places.

Not to mention those Jimmy Stewart (Rear Window) Burglars and Cat Converter thieves, who seem impervious to weather of any kind, and who appear willing to work at any hour.

Unsure if it’s spontaneous combustion or if their owners are setting fire to them for warmth but we’re also seeing a flurry of car fires this glorious morning.

Our landmark mountain is also up early and rising up out of the clouds, still cloaked in white. Hundreds of people have had fun with our “snow reports” and visited our local ski area for a much-needed romp in the snow.

Bad Guys, perhaps seeing a challenge posed by those “Safest City” designations, appeared to be doing their level best to convince townspeople otherwise. Being old and battered we’ve learned that the moment you proclaim yourself the best, safest, greatest at anything is the moment someone comes along to disabuse you of the notion.

Those Rear Window dudes – so named (by us) for their proclivity of popping up in backyards and attempting to enter homes through their rear windows – were out and about in Danville last night, shining flashlights where they shouldn’t be shined and generally scaring the bejeebers out of folks who caught sight of them. One home may have been breached on Jasmine Way.

And, just to ramp things up, it turns out area kids are still playing that Assassin’s Game or some variation thereof. So, along with the bad guys there are kids skulking around carrying various types of “weapons” which may appear like the real thing to burglar-weary homeowners tired of being creepy-crawled in the dead of night.

Our advice kids, though we know you won’t take it, is to find nice, safe and out of the way areas to frolic. Avoid contact with twitchy  civilians – we don’t want any accidents.