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Police Clear Walnut Creek’s Las Lomas High School After Shooting Threat


A report of a gun on campus and then an “active shooter” at Las Lomas High swelled exponentially Friday, bringing police on the run as apparently unrelated events contributed to the parental worry and student angst.

Officers cleared the school one classroom at a time after the campus locked down in response to a threat, believed to have been telephonic.

The incident was reported at about noon, with a secondary incident involving a medical response to a school in Danville and an off-site location briefly fueling rumors of a potentially harmful scenario developing that ultimately proved untrue.


  1. With regards to the “unrelated events” that fueled parental/student angst and worry, are the good folks at 24/680 in a position to provide some clarity? Thank you as always for keeping us abreast of the latest happenings.

    • We hope you can appreciate our caution in this area, Jeff, as, well – emotions run understandably high during incidents like this. The odd thing here, which confused us briefly, is that as the situation at Las Lomas was developing an almost simultaneous medical response was taking place in Danville after a student was reported in distress, reportedly after ingesting a drug of some type, and another person was reported down – possibly from an overdose – in Alamo. Things tended to “snowball” from there and police cleared Los Lomas room by room and escorted the kids off campus. First responders were also assessing the student(s) in Alamo-Danville.

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