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Danville Police Seek Residential Burglary Suspects

Photo: DPD

From the Danville police department:

DANVILLE, Calif. (February 2, 2023): The Danville Police Department is seeking suspects who broke into a home in the Wood Ranch neighborhood Tuesday.

On January 31 at 10:46 p.m., officers responded to a report of a residential burglary on the 60 block of Woodranch Circle. The resident reported the home was broken into earlier that evening, while the resident was away, and property was taken.

The case is being investigated by the Danville Police Investigations Unit. Police are not releasing additional information at this time, due to the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to call the Danville Police Department at 925-314-3700 or email Sergeant Veronique Balea at vbalea@danville.ca.gov.


  1. Bottom line it doesn’t matter who, or what police department is searching for it I had a friend who went home one night. The burglar was in her house. She’s my best friend because she came in on the burglary. He beat her to death after he beat her to death with a baseball bat. He cut her wrist to make sure she was dead. You can look up the Case Center,Jean Wolff , North Carolina, he’s Jeremy Steelman ( the murder) just to burglarized somebody’s house. He killed a person , that was the kindest and loving human in the world! I think we should take people breaking into your house is seriously we don’t know if they’re on drugs we don’t know what weapons are caring and imagine if she had gone in with her grandchildren the whole family would’ve been dead so when you criticize the police, I don’t I’ve seen it From the ugly side of a best friend that is dead think about that when you criticize the police

    • Think you missed the point.
      We are sure, or at least we would hope because we don’t KNOW for sure what the police are doing, that police are on the job in this case. Some of us are apparently wondering — and I guess I’m one of them — why they chose to highlight this specific burglary over others that have occurred in our area in recent months.

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