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Writer Applauds Alameda’s Ban On Leaf Blowers



I would like to commend the mayor and city leaders of Alameda for taking action and finally banning the use of gas powered leaf blowers on the island effective January 1.

Those of us opposed to the machines have argued against their use for years, with Alameda’s city council “kicking the can down the road” for years before finally taking action. Aside from providing immediate and welcome relief from the noise the machines create the ban will also help reduce emissions – something more residents and more towns need to consider and hopefully act on.

Once again, a hearty well done to Alameda’s city leaders — who proved they are up to the task of leading and taking the kind of action we all need to take to ensure a healthier future for all of us.

Thank you,

Brad Martin/Berkeley


  1. I will be waiting for the editorial condemning landscapers that are charging too much and taking advantage of us…when they have to double their prices to buy brand new electric leaf blowers.

    • Quick point of order, Mr. Max –
      This was a Letter to the Editor, not an editorial. We’re sure you appreciate the distinction…


      • Yeah, remember when all the bars and restaurants were going to be forced out of business when the smoking bans were enacted? No? Thought not.
        That’s because they’re still in business. Nobody wants to sit in a restaurant while their children inhale second hand smoke.

    • Yeah, there is a word for that “no controls, no laws, don’t fence me in” thing. I want no part of that defecate-in-the-Capitol movement. Laws by consensus are good for keeping the peace.

  2. People can expect higher prices for yard work.

    Landscapers will need to purchase new blowers with additional batteries and chargers.

    Battery-powered leaf blowers need 5 or 6 spare batteries to get through the day.

    Electric leaf blowers are not as powerful as motor drive blowers. Jobs will take longer, increasing the time a landscaper will need at each service.

    Increase the cost of doing business for landscapers, cost of service will increase to the consumer.

    Landscape companies will have to restructure prices to maintain profit which may result in worker reductions.

    I’ll be annoyed by noise rather than jeopardize small businesses and their workers.

    That’s just me. I guess I’m not that selfish.

    • Is it really that you care about the longevity of small businesses or that you like your yard blown for cheap?

    • Seat belts and ABS braking add to the cost of an automobile. So do windshield wipers and turn signals. What makes the expense worthwhile is the offset in lives saved and reduced medical costs for survivors which surpasses the cost of the safety features. If you could opt out of paying for those features, you could probably opt out of paying taxes and sundry other laws that hold us together in a civilized society. It’s not a bad bargain. You can campaign to change the laws or you can even complain loudly about them without fear of consequences.

      And, on the economic side of it, there is no shortage of automobile dealerships or autos in the marketplace and no shortage of buyers. All cars come with turn signals now. That was not true of my 1957 Chevy.

      Small landscapers will adapt just fine.

  3. Haahahahahaha……. some people still call the mo and blo crews injecting leafs and god knows what else under my front door “landscapers.” Now that’s funny.

  4. Fired up bright and early at San Ramon Safeway this morning… 6 effing o’clock. The thinking behind the use of these screeching machines and the courtesy extended to others within earshot just astounds.

  5. It’s not what you think. Alameda city manager has emphatically communicated that they won’t enforce a trivial ordinance such as this. “other priorities” come first. So, also no need for the hand-wringing about the collapse of civilization as we know it once gas powered leaf blowers are banned..I recall when cigarette smoking was banned in bars and restaurants they declared a collapse of the hospitality industry…never happened until covid..

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