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24/680 Locals Using Tuesday To Prep For Expected Storm

"Weepy" slopes. Moraga.

Residents in our service area are using a break between storms to shore up their hillsides, patch their roofs and fill sandbags in advance of a predicted and potentially destructive storm forecast to slam into us on Wednesday.

Hit hard by a storm that arrived and lingered over the New Year’s weekend residents battled widespread flooding, undercut roads and slippery slopes Saturday and Sunday, fighting to keep rising water levels from entering homes and businesses.

Weather forecasters say another atmospheric river storm – similar to our weekend event but perhaps even more powerful in some ways – will arrive in the Bay Area Wednesday, bringing even more rain and even higher wind gusts than those seen over the past weekend.

The locals are taking advance warnings of the storm’s impact seriously.

As one local was quoted as saying on our Facebook page: “Water always wins!” – but, if all of Tuesday’s preparations are taken as evidence, not without a fight.



  1. I’m looking forward to the coming rollback of the water rate increases imposed during recent years now that the drought is over. Because while greedy capitalists ratchet prices up then fail to reduce them, government agencies treat their customers fairly. Right?

    • In the classic Morgan Freeman voiceover tone, “But the rollbacks never came, and those water rates? They went through the damn roof.”

    • “Greedy capitalists?”

      How do you figure?

      Each of the EBMUD and CCWD is quasi-sovereign utility district with a regulated monopoly on a critical resource and infrastructure.

      That’s the antithesis of capitalism.

      • @Campo: Re-read it. I was stating that a government agency like EBMUD is supposed to behave differently than a private company. Time will tell, but I expect EBMUD to behave as if they were a profit-maximizing enterprise. If they roll back more than half the recent increases I will be delighted. For now, I’m a cynic.

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