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Mudding, Flooding, Running Creeks And Evacuations – A Helluva Day In The 24/680


Unceasing rainfall pushed local creeks to their limits and beyond, sank more than one SUV and prompted road closures and evacuations as water levels crept into local homes and businesses.

Mudslides were reported in Orinda and Danville, flooding caused road closures and admonitions from local officials warning residents not to risk driving and to stay home. But even that had its risk, as residents in Danville and San Ramon soon found, as encroaching water forced their evacuation by kayak, fire apparatus, paddle board and, reportedly, Bearcat armored car.

Emergency services ran from call to call, trying to keep pace with seemingly endless calls for assistance from stranded motorists and worried residents who watched as local creeks crested their banks and continued to rise.

San Ramon police and Valley Fire crews helped evacuate 13 people at risk from severe flooding in a Fircrest Lane neighborhood. All evacuees were taken to the Senior Center and have been picked up by family and friends.


  1. Meh, used to see this all the time in Malibu. Saw one house slide into Topanga Creek and out to the ocean, two kids got on a telephone pole it rode it five miles out in the ocean, Coast Guard got them.

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