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Car Burglars Wreak Havoc In The 24/680 Friday

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and car burglars are thankful for any early presents left behind in vulnerable cars – particularly if the item is a nice, juicy laptop or other electronic device.

There are multiple reports of at least two sets of thieves at work, making frequent and repeated hits in Lafayette and Pleasant Hill and other areas likely to have what they seek.

The hits are very fast and police are in catch-up mode as the crews come into town, ply their trade, and leave on the nearest freeway.

Descriptions of the perpetrators are thin as they are slippery but we believe a black KIA SUV and a blue Lexus are involved. It’s not much to go on but it may be enough to save you some pain. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t leave it in your car – what else can we say?


  1. Heed the advice posed by our friends at 24/680 do not leave items of interest/value in “plain view”. Eliminate the opportunity for a crime of opportunity.

    • Hey, G’morning, Jeff! Yes, we just know how gutted we’d be if we lost the work computer or other device and we’re hoping to head off some pain!

      Be well!


    • The issue is not just with leaving items in “plain view” – thieves can easily find an electronics even if it’s hidden out of sight. Last week, I was a victim…I left my laptop under the passenger seat in dark tinted car where the thieves wouldn’t have been able to see it from the outside. I went inside a grocery store and when I returned 5 mins later, window was smashed and my laptop was gone. According to LEO, these are sophisticated thieves – they have devices than can scan/pair devices with bluetooth & wifi.

  2. My trick for the past 30 years or so is to leave the car unlocked and windows open (weather permitting). Haven’t had a single incident (yet), and most importantly, no busted windows.

    • Hey! Yes, when we lived in The City we had a neatly printed sign we were careful to prop up in our car when we left it: “Nothing Worth Stealing Inside.” One day they broke in and stole the sign…

      • A friend of mine used to have an old JEEP CJ with a canvas top. He had a piece of burlap with trash; soda cans, bottles, fast food bags, etc, sewn to it and kept it in the back, covering up anything valuable. I have to say, it was a brilliant solution that seemed to work well. I employ a similar solution around this time of year by hiding my kids’ Christmas gifts in absolute plain sight in the middle of the garage. Snoop around the house as they may – walking right past the pile of loot, thinly disguised as a pile of boxes to recycle.

    • If leaving your car unlocked and your windows open works for you, it’s your car. I wouldn’t do it. I’m in my 60s, and I’ve never been victimized. What works for me is keeping my windows closed, my doors locked and nothing inside, valuable or not. My registration and proof of insurance are in my car (locked) and I don’t want that stolen. Nor do I want an open invitation to slash my interior.

      I have read that your approach is advised if you live in a high crime area where criminals are going to break in regardless of circumstances.

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