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Serious Injury In Auto Vs. Bicycle Crash In Lafayette Thursday


A male cyclist was injured in an auto vs. bicycle collision in downtown Lafayette Thursday, the subsequent investigation into the crash throwing traffic in the area into a snarl.

Police quickly sealed off the area of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Moraga Road after the crash was reported at about 1:48 p.m. with officers arriving to find a male rider down and being treated by a doctor who stopped to render aid. Readers contacting this site initially reported that the unidentified rider was down and unresponsive with a head injury and apparent road rash. An ambulance arrived to take the rider, who appeared to be alert and talking, to a local hospital.

Police said the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision has been cooperative and was interviewed by officers. Based on an initial investigation, police believe the bicyclist went through a red light and entered the intersection against oncoming traffic when he was struck.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Lafayette Police Department at (925) 283-3680 or (925) 299-3234. For any tips, email: 94549TIP@gmail.com or call (866) 846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message.


  1. I avoid riding through that intersection most of the time. Deer Hill or Brook Street / School Street / Moraga Blvd detours are worth the extra 5 minutes.

    • Watch out for CROSSING GUARDS on St Marys rd! One of us was KILLED last year protecting your children!! L

    • It’s a terribly designed intersection crying out for a traffic circle/roundabout. It would be vastly safer (everybody is always moving in almost the same direction, so impacts are gentle) and would also likely get cars through faster in almost all traffic conditions with no long waits for green lights. Speeds when moving are lower, but there’s a heck of a lot less time waiting to move.

      The intersection is also huge with what looks like plenty of space for a well-designed roundabout. I also know that city staff proposed a roundabout ages ago to improve traffic & safety, but the city council didn’t go forward with it. If you want fewer serious injuries, tell your city council members.

  2. He was down but moving when I drove past and the emergency vehicles were behind me so I moved out of there. Very hard to witness though I didn’t see the crash itself. I hope he is all right.

    • Do you know which direction the cyclist was traveling? I’m always very cautious riding through that intersection. Cars turning right onto Mt. Diablo from Moraga often do a rolling stop. It can be terrifying. Maybe they’ll eventually change that to a No Turn on Red.

  3. The Bay Area is overcrowded and gone are the days where vehicles and cyclists can safely share the road. I avoid riding period.

  4. Maybe the cyclists will start using the hundred of miles of trails instead of our roadways. They ignore all traffic lights and signs.

    • Maybe drivers will stop mowing down Bicyclists & Pedestrians that have every legal right to the road rather than defaulting to blaming victims. You know who was NOT injured here, the driver

    • “Our roadways”? Are you actually unaware that cyclists have the same right to use the roads as any other vehicle (excluding most freeways). Hostile attitudes like that contribute to drivers being careless with other people’s lives. I’m not saying that what happened in this case, but it happened in two recent cyclist deaths in Lamorinda.

      When I ride, I’ve always followed the rules of the road (with rolling stops just like motor vehicle drivers).

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