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The Winds Of Change Are A’Comin’

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Prepping for the Great Getting Up Gourd Day with the Streaming Demon stopping on an absolutely rocking music channel we’re letting play out – pumping some vintage+ tunes and lightening the Sunday workload.

We’re thinking Rose Apple Tart for Sunday dessert and blueprints for our Plan B Anti Zombie getaway, drawing in space for our coffee bar, AGA range and expanded pantry so we might live well while waiting for the zombies to pass out from hunger.

It’s getting harder to plan for these things. We had a bunk room included in our plans for drop-in guests on the run from the slavering horde but the way things are going we may not need it. One of the many downsides to getting older is looking around and realizing there aren’t as many of us around as there once were, old pals deserting the state for greener pastures or well, you know.

Facing our own mortality we deal with inevitability the way we always have: turning the music up and talking with younger friends. Good tunes and fresh insights keep us youthful, or so we would have ourselves believe. Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to people you’ve gone to high school with, partied hard with and sworn you’d always hang with. Lamorinda is looking less and less like the grouping of small hamlets we grew up in.

Oh well, c’est la vie, the winds of change are stirring.

Elephant in the room, of course, is the determining Big Wind of Nov. 8, when much of the nation looks inward, comes to some conclusion as to how they want to proceed as a country, and casts their vote for people they think can give them what they want.

This comes after much name-calling and gnashing of teeth, something that has been elevated to the level of national bloodsport in recent years. Safe to say a large part of the country has pinned their hopes on the outcome of the vote and is hoping whichever way we swing will solve the matter once and for all. But, yeah, we know that’s not likely. We can hope, anyway.

Change – be it political or financial or cultural – can be hard to accept and, as our younger friends point out, much of the current calamity and tribulation is the result of established entities scared to death of losing what they’ve had for so long and fighting hard to keep it.

Our collective future remains to be written. What is certain is that the next two weeks are going to be very interesting indeed. We intend to meet them with an Apple Tart and the blueprints for our “All Hands on Deck It’s Time to Head to the Hills” Bug-Out Villa at the ready.

We may not be able to alter the winds of change, but we can still plan for them.


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