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Bearcats And Bots – Nordstrom Rack Stand-Off Drags Into Wednesday


UPDATE: 7 a.m. – We have not heard if the suspect at the center of this incident has been taken into custody but the police lines do appear to be coming down. There is a minimal police presence at Nordstrom Rack and the adjacent Safeway appears to be ready for opening.


Efforts to capture an elusive and determined suspect who fled into the Pleasant Hill Nordstrom Rack store after a police pursuit Tuesday stretched into Wednesday morning as police surrounded the location where he was last seen and deployed SWAT officers, drones, robots, and an armored car in their attempt to ferret him out.

The man, who is believed to be wanted for outstanding warrants, led pursuing officers from at least two jurisdictions in a circuitous pursuit through Concord in a black Dodge Charger before he abandoned the vehicle and ran into the outlet store – where it was thought he took refuge in a false ceiling.

Police surrounded the store and an adjacent Safeway after evacuating employees, no small task given the size of the venues, and deployed an array of police gear in their effort to draw the suspect out. Family members also attempted to talk the suspect into surrendering, without success.

“He’s dug in like an Alabama tick,” a member of a gathering crowd quipped as dozens of police vehicles arrived and equipment rolled into the Rack, including remotely operated vehicles equipped with poles used to probe potential hiding places.

The siege appeared active and ongoing up up until 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Concord police issued the following statement Wednesday morning:

“Officers made multiple attempts to call the suspect out of the store. The interior of the building was searched when no response was received. The suspect was known to be armed and dangerous. It was believed he had barricaded himself in the attic of the building.

The Central County SWAT team was called to the scene. Members of the Crisis Negotiations Team tried multiple times to communicate with the suspect without success. A methodical search of the business was conducted utilizing drones, a K-9, a robot, and SWAT team members. After an exhaustive search of the building, the suspect was not located. It is believed he changed clothing and exited at some point in the initial moments of this incident, prior to the SWAT team arrival.”


  1. I have visions of this guy up in the ceiling peeping out at all the shoppers, coming down at night to raid the lunch room refrigerator.

  2. PHPD on Instagram now says they think he, wait for it, ch he’d clothes and escaped. Yes, that’s from PHPD press release.

  3. Ouch that doesn’t sound too good. He escaped at the begining but somehow remained in negotiations with the police? Seems a bit odd. Well at least it only took them 6 or so hours to realize the guy was gone, fanatastic recon. Can I add the gif of Leonardo Dicaprio clapping?

  4. Plot Twist-

    It was just discovered the suspect had switched to an employee’s uniform and has been earning comission all morning. He has finally found his calling and has decided to ditch the criminal life style for more style.

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