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Police Perimeter Goes Up In Pleasant Hill; Suspect Takes Cover In Nordstrom Rack


A police pursuit turned into a foot chase and then into a standoff in Pleasant Hill Tuesday as a wanted man darted into the Nordstrom Rack store and was believed to have burrowed into the store’s sub-ceiling,

Officers surrounded the building and supporting units are still arriving. Both Nordstrom Rack and Safeway, next door, have been evacuated.

The suspect, a white male believed to have run from police because of outstanding warrants for his arrest, initially fled in a Dodge Charger – abandoning the car as police closed in and running into the outlet store.

SWAT officers are on scene and are maneuvering in their effort to corner and apprehend the subject, who is not believed to be armed.

This site is not divulging specific police tactics in the interest of tactical safety.


  1. Well, there’s the question, paraphrasing Sheriff Bell. Can you burrow into a ceiling, and what is a sub-ceiling, a room?

    • It’s those suspended ceiling tiles under the roof where Tom Cruise and the MI team hang out all the time…

    • Yessir. Remember our plaintive requests for funds earlier in the year? That’s what it went to… and a lot of traffic tonight, too. We’re pleased.

  2. Drove by at 6:25 on my way to work and the police tape is still up. Parking lot is pretty dark and since I was oving I couldn’t see much as far as police cars or anything. There was one police van blocking the entrance at Golf Club with the red and blue lights flashing.

    • We just posted that the perimeter at Nordstrom Rack appears to be coming down and that Safeway appears to be reopening. We do not know if the suspect is in custody at this time.

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