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Armed Home Invasion Under Investigation In Lafayette Saturday

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Occupants of an apartment on Carol Lane in Lafayette reportedly disarmed a man with a gun who entered their residence at around 8 p.m. Saturday night.

Police and fire department personnel are on scene at the Lafayette Highlands apartment complex and a weapon was believed to have been recovered.

Details remain scarce but it appears an occupant of the apartment in question went to a neighboring residence seeking help, saying the occupants had fought off a man – believed to be a tenant of the complex in his 20s – who had entered the residence with a weapon of unknown type and proceeded to immobilize the occupants with duct tape.

Early indications are that a struggle ensued when a male resident either broke free or returned home to discover the home invasion in progress – the precise chain of events are unclear – and managed to gain control of the weapon. Neighbors say the residents overpowered the intruder and inflicted “significant” injuries to his head as several neighbors also responded to the apartment to assist in regaining control.

Neighbors said the suspect, who police have yet to identify, was found down on the floor and bleeding from his head when police arrived.

Two ambulances were called to the scene and injuries have been reported though their exact nature is not known at this time. Reports that the couple’s children were also immobilized by the intruder were not confirmed by police, who issued a brief release mid-afternoon Monday.


  1. Dude is lucky he didn’t choose the next street over. Just about everyone on Marlene would’ve greeted that clown with a dose of .00 buckshot!

  2. Sorry the victim was injured. Thank you tenants for helping out. People committing these types of crimes will think twice if tenants (in this case) will come to a victim’s aid and give the thief some consequences to remember his poor decision by.😁

    • I just hope the innocent victims who fought óff the criminal – who was then injured – don’t get sued! It would not surprise me, as that’s how upside down our system has become.

  3. Sorry that he was injured?? Right there is everything that’s wrong with our country. Actions should have consequences and unfortunately our country is doing everything it can to eliminate consequences for your actions. I applaud everyone involved in this incident for taking action. The world would be a much better, safer place if that we’re always the case.

  4. My daughter and I live in this complex and came home to this s-show last night. I’m proud of our neighbors for their quick response, and had this fool tried to break into our place he would have found himself nose-to-nose with our 85lb German Shepard and my foot up his ass…

  5. Apparently they used this dudes head as a doorstop for a little while and I wholly support the method. Name this guy, photo… no police info????

    • No, he followed mom and daughter when they were returning from the pool, forced his way into the apartment where her husband and son were, then taped everyone at gunpoint

  6. Where does the source of news 24-680 come from? How is there no additional information from media or police? I don’t mean to be rude at all I just notice a trend with limited reporting of details in some posts.

    • We get our information from witnesses, police, nurses… and we’ve asked for an official accounting of this incident by police and so far have gotten none. You sound dubious, which is fine, and if you are getting more information elsewhere we’d ask what’re you doing here? No one is forcing you to read us.


      • Once again – the ONLY news source covering a significant incident in our area. They’ve been doing this for YEARS and people here still don’t know how to handle it.

    • @Tanya- there is no more reporting of local incidents, it stopped years ago when people quit buying newspapers. Local PD’s don’t focus on releasing info unless someone is asking daily and with no local beat reporters they don’t bother.

      Anyone who claims nothing has changed crime wise in our area in the last 5 years or so has no idea because it’s really not reported/covered. Bay Area News (tv) sources have 30 mins to provide what they think will grab the viewer’s attention. Broadcasts include world events, national and state stories, weather and sports, local stories are usually last in line. Plus in the past local beat reporters often had connections to local tv news and provided tips for good stories, not happening anymore.

      Some police departments post their monthly crime stats, but really every PD should be required to post them monthly so residents can see what’s going on.

      Be thankful that at least local online news sources like news 24-680 are around! And the citizens that alert them.

      • Exactly. The old days of fully staffed newsrooms and beat reporters is gone. These guys have adopted a new model and made it work. Always my first stop for local news.

    • @Tanya — hopefully you have the answer to your questions. This site was writing about this violent home robbery within an hour on Saturday. The police and media input you mention didn’t come until Monday evening.

      That’s why they have the following they do. And they did it for free.

      Think about it.

    • This comment and subsequent coverage of this story by traditional media reveals much about how we process news and information today. The sad fact is that people are now suspicious of legitimate news reports – which are few and far between because of the death of local newspapers. If stories are not covered in the same old way they appear odd and fake news when in fact a few hardworking people have gone to great lengths to bring us the news when it happens and not days later. The number of people putting their faith in this site is evident. People come here when the want to find out what’s going on. I’ve never seen a news site more engaged with its readership. I hope we don’t lose them.

    • @Tania Marie
      Here’s an indication of why this site is out in front of all others, and other “media” or police aren’t cited:

      Nate Gartrell
      Nov 23
      I am pleased to report that I can confirm what
      heavily implied in a story last week, that a suspected meth lab has been busted after an explosion next to an Alamo fire station.

      So in this instance a week lapse between News24 reports and when other media catches up.

  7. I live here at the Highlands and this guy has been know to be very creepy. Always walks around with no shirt and with a beer in his hand. The management here has been aware of him, but because of certain laws, they could not evict him. He has been known to show his privates to people and complaints have gone deaf. What I want to know if WHY it takes a violent act for people to notice. This family is now traumatized. I truly hope that they get the help that they need.

  8. My understanding is that another tenant had/has an active restraining order against him and management just moved him to a different unit. It’s a damn shame. We saw what looked to be the coroner here last night. I don’t think the dude was dead when they took him out but obviously it was a close call. I can’t imagine he’s out of the hospital yet. Parents are wealthy and stuck him at the Highlands cuz they didn’t want him in the house. It takes a special kind of privilege to be able to dump your mentally ill kid off into the world while hard working families pay the price.

  9. As I always say, it’s the Wild West out there. Glad no one in the family was physically harmed, emotional stress will take time. How did the “mentally ill” young man get a gun? not legally! And, so happy that the suspect got a good beating.

    Firestone 11R

    • I’ve seen this guy follow me around thought maybe I was just being paranoid.There’s also a woman that lives here who threatens to kill people frequently and screams at people randomly. Im sure they’re empty threats but she seems to have a mental condition. This place has always felt like a nut house, and there’s always shady people coming through.

      As far as him getting a gun, nothing surprises me because even in high-school here I remember kids talking about casually having guns or an incident where a student brought a gun to high-school which I believe was a “dare” then his friends rated him out. As you said parents need to actually take responsibility and not just dump their kids, money doesn’t solve every problem. Seems to be something Lafayette parents haven’t learned with the way some of these kids act, and how much drug abuse happens here. The things I heard from the summer interns at my job, at 15-16 was appalling, but then again with the exception of maybe five people, every student in my class was taking a multitude of substances and no parent or school wants to take serious action against the issue it seems.

      • You were not paranoid. He confessed to the victims, while holding them hostages, that he was stalking women who he thought were single, picking up his next victim.

      • That’s the big problem in challenged communities, no one wants to turn in their own kids who have problems.

        Firestone 11R

        • The problem is that this community is not “challenged.” It’s very expensive to live in Lafayette, The Highlands in particular. There is no shortage of resources for people here. I agree that the children here have an obscene amount of entitlement. The parents seem on the whole clueless and are raising nightmare humans who have little empathy, personal responsibility or independent thought. This perpetrator is clearly mentally ill, but there are very high functioning “normal” families in this community with very troubling psychosocial issues. Any community that needs to obsessively erect signs to remind its members to be kind and that the lives of other races matter is in serious trouble.

          • Great last sentence. As for the various be kind initiatives, I recall the little monsters in school here had some kind of an online game to tally votes on who you would kill if you had to kill someone on the list provided. The school stopped it, but that shows the character of some of our community.

  10. Residents of the complex were provided with a non-emergent police dept number to call for “more information or with any questions.” I called and (both unfortunately but not surprisingly) was met with much resistance.

    I told them I was calling as a single female who was experiencing some anxiety around the incident and was just looking for any tips or suggestions as to things I could do to increase my safety and security on the property as the investigation continues.

    The person I spoke to on the phone said “Nope- just call 911 if anything happens to you. We can’t give any details about the investigation.” I was shocked at the dismissive tone of the dept and the assumption that any individual who calls their question line must automatically be seeking gory details. Why offer a question line at all?

    Said I had no interest in details about the investigation and was simply a resident looking for any tips to increase peace of mind. Ultimately got the same indifferent answer.

    I’m sure this is the result of multiple calls seeking “gory details” but regardless, I was hoping for more from the Lafayette Police Dept. Not sure why and kind of feel silly that I even reached out…

    • Nickie,

      I know the Chief of the Lafayette PD, it’s just the modern official policy that must be followed for legal reasons.

      Here’s what you need to do in order:

      Buy pepper spray today. Several cans, one for car, one for purse, one for bedroom

      Go buy a handgun.

      During the waiting period you should get some basic training at one of the gun ranges.

      Firestone 11R

  11. The comments here are cruel. This individual did not ask for mental illness. His parents did not ask for a child with disease.

    Sounds like social isolation led to frustration and anger, which burst out as an extreme act. When is the last time you looked a person with mental illness in the eye and simply said, “Good morning”. There but by the grace of God go I.

    As far as the family “dumping” this person here, there are no answers when a family member has mental illness. Walk a mile in the shoes of the mother or the father and then tell me they dumped their child.

    • Mr. Town: I’ve had a bit of experience with the mentally ill. One comment that has stayed with me was when I was told that just because someone is mentally ill, does not mean they are not also a complete scumbag. Now I know nothing about the person in the story here who got arrested, so my comments are not about him. But the point is that one should not just immediately forgive someone for horrible behavior just because they have a label like mentally ill.

  12. I completely agree. Why anyone would consider the victims of this crime comments were are “cruel” is beyond me. You need to re-examine the situation.

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