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Sunday Morning – Preparing For The Heat Bomb

"The Kid" - pounding out the words.

Doing all our chores early because it’s going to get hot, we’re told. Deep in our bunker, we rolled up our snorkels and determined it was safe before moving aboveground into the garden, checking the bubblers and rills and making sure the birds had access to their fair share of water before starting the day.

We cut the Morning Patrol short, running into others prepared to face what we’re told will be Las Vegas-type temps over the next couple of days. The few conversations were were able to initiate inevitably ended with: “Yep, it’s getting hotter… but what are you gonna do?”

That was our cue to make sure our water was moving and the Swamp Coolers – the fruit drinks, not the gizmo – were iced and waiting. There was a time when we could handle extreme temperatures on both ends of the thermometer but those days, we’re afraid, have passed us by.

For a quick instant we contemplated a dash to the coast, our usual refuge on days like this, but had to dismiss those plans in order to meet obligations closer to the News Bunker. As much as we’d like to be able to play in the surf we remember what happened the last time we did that when national news loomed – and how our poor technology man had to be pressed into service (he’s fine now, thanks) until we could find a valid wi-fi signal.

As difficult as it is for us to keep quiet at any time, it is especially so when we sense big wheels grinding away and meshing and things developing behind the Great Curtains of Silence. As “We Gotta Know”-types we must say it’s hard being on the outside looking in as important decisions are being drafted and made and our News Radar is pinging like crazy.

Without the necessary insight needed to craft a story about the National Scene we’re consigned to looking locally and there’s enough going on here to keep us interested and on our toes. Lots of pursuits and “Thunder Runs” and Nocturnal Shenanigans and toxic relationships coming to a head – often with unwanted results and, yes, apparently people still do toss their paramour’s favorite leisure suits and guitar into the street and set them on fire. Men and women – what’re you gonna do?

With weather and the heat being our initial concern we decided who better to ask about keeping Buck Ten temps at bay than people returning from Burning Man, where veteran burners have such things down to a science. Apparently the latest developments in sustainable air conditioning were on display on the playa this year, with the coolest tents and RVs drawing the largest crowds. As a result of those debriefs, we have our solar arrays up and sun-driven fans turning as we creep resolutely into the ’90s and beyond.

So we’re hunkered in the bunker, arrays positioned and antennae up, waiting to see what comes our way. If you stir, are brave enough to be out and about, drop us a line.


  1. My attempts to post here yesterday were repeatedly repulsed by a “Nonce” error message. I don’t know if Nonce is a who or a what.

    • “Nonce” is a new hire. He works very cheaply (an appealing asset around here).

      Actually, we don’t know who or what Nonce is but we’re sorry you were blunted. First we’ve heard of him… or her.

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