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Letters: “Something Sure Seems Rotten In Denmark…”


Dear Editor;

I write to express my concern over what appears to be the Secret Service’s decision to scrub emails from devices in use by its agents on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, 2021 AFTER those messages were specifically requested by investigators looking into the Jan. 6 insurrection and riot.

The missing text messages – if they are in fact missing – have more to say about current USSS allegiances than management of its devices and data. Among its many responsibilities the Secret Service investigates cyber – to hear it say it lost its data during a system migration is ridiculous. With the information coming to light about the vice president’s reluctance to put himself in the hands of the Secret Service on Jan. 6 at first glance it appears the agency is covering for individuals and operational failures on that day.

Maybe the USSS needs a reminder that it’s a federal law enforcement agency and not the private police force for a wannabe dictator. An operational breakdown of its role and responsibilities such as the type we seem to be faced with here should be considered nothing less than a national emergency.

Something is beginning to smell very badly in Denmark.


Bob Hume/ Walnut Creek


  1. I know! This smacks to high heaven of Hillary Clinton! (30,000 emails that was subpoenaed, but erased) (and most people just wanted to gloss over that one)

    • More smoke and deflection. Hillary was never president. There was/is no Hillary regime. This commentary concerns the decline of
      a previously premier law enforcement agency which has apparently flouted long-established laws for records retention and accountability to the people and the rule of law. This is not accidental. Instead of appointing someone competent and loyal to the rule of law, Trump appointed a Trump loyalist, and this is the sad result.

    • Greg T.: Thanks for trying, but instead of pulling punches, how about mentioning the suppression of information from Biden’s corrupt partners, like the media killed the Hunter laptop story before admitting it was true, and then no follow up with the conflict between Hunter’s emails and Joe publicly saying repeatedly he had no involvement with Hunter’s business dealings. And the Ashley Biden diary which seems to say Joe took showers with her. Why is the FBI involved in a diary? Wanna talk about suppression of news? There has always been corruption and suppression of news. How about the federal agents that went through George Bush’s military files unsupervised, and magically certain reports all other service members have about fitness for duty were missing from Bush’s files (probably to hide his alcohol and possible drug issues). And, not to go too far astray, all national police agencies have horrible records so talking about premier anything is ridiculous: FBI trying to blackmail MLK into committing suicide, CIA assassinations, NSA lying about no surveillance on US citizens, Secret Service drunken parties with prostitutes, etc. Yeah, this will be one of my posts that gets censored, not for being wrong, but for offending those who only watch leftist propaganda. It was fun to write anyway.

  2. It’s no secret that this detail was in Trumps pocket. There are images out there of them wearing MAGA hats and posting in favor of their fuhrer. This smells like a coverup and should be investigated as such immediately.

  3. Unfortunately the proudly independent nature of the service was compromised some time ago and this detail made no effort to conceal who they served. One became a member of TFG administration. More of those Big, Strong, Tough guys he liked to brag about.

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  5. More missing texts reported tonight, this time from top DHS officials. Apparently, the same IG sat on this information since February. Record retention is not optional in government. Reeks like Limburger, cheesy to say, I know.

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