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Rolex Robbers Strike Again – Watch And Phone Taken In Walnut Creek Monday


Two people returning to their Grover Lane home in Walnut Creek Monday were accosted by two armed men and robbed of personal items, including a Rolex watch and a phone.

An ambulance was summoned to the scene shortly after the incident was reported at 10:01 p.m. but the exact nature of the injuries suffered and who precisely was injured could not be immediately confirmed.

Initial information suggests the pair had just returned home when they were surprised by the two men, both armed and masked, and ordered to surrender their belongings – which they apparently did after they were beaten.

The two robbers apparently got away in a car preliminarily described as a black Ford Fusion.


  1. maybe the two people who were robbed will say where they were before the robbery happened? It seems like these robbers are spotting them while they are out and waiting for them when they get home. Parking valets?

    • Only a week ago, there was a post here about a guy charged by the CoCo DA for a couple of Rolex robberies. The DA’s office said the robberies were directed by something called the Klap Street gang. Where did the Rolex owners buy their watches?

      Rolexes aren’t all that common, even in Walnut Creek. If there is a common retailer, that would make it easy for someone in the store to give the addresses of the purchasers to the gang. Once they know where the buyers live, it would be easy to stake out the homes and follow the owners to some convenient store parking lot where the robbery can take place. These guys aren’t just spotting Rolex watches in a crowd. They must know who has one well in advance of the robbery.

  2. Yippie Ki Yay cowpokes. Always be careful in Walnut Creek, check out who’s checking you out, take a peek in the rear view mirror and see if someone is following you home. Firestone 11R

    • Further to Jeff’s sound advice, check your rear view BEFORE turning down any dead-end street. If you think you’re being followed, drive into to a police station. Most predators will skedaddle rather than follow you into the hornets’ nest.

      • Words to heed for sure. Be aware of your surroundings, including those persons in proximity.
        Wondering aloud if we have an Elisjsha Dicken in our neighborhood.

  3. I just read about someone robbed of their Rolex, phone, and cash outside of Trader Joe’s in that general area, so that makes three Rolexes stolen.

  4. This is not going to end anytime soon. Too many easy targets in these areas and once word is out….good luck.

    Desperate times for a lot of people out there and they’re willing to risk it all to take whatever you have.

    Be safe out there people.

  5. These Rolex robberies have been around for years. I just read an LA Times article (1990) that Beverley Hills Rolex robberies increased 41% in 1990. There are way too many in our area recently.

  6. OK… Cheap or should I say frugal but I’ve had some of the nicest most expensive cars in the world in homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods….. But it totally escapes me by people want to pay 30 to $40,000 for a watch, when the functionality of $100 watch is every bit as good… And are these Rolex owners driving Rolls-Royce phantoms (a $500,000 car)… Or more mundane BMWs or Mercedes? Either way I don’t understand the splurging on a Rolex watch. And I’m not impressed one bit. Especially when I saw a Street vendored San Francisco once selling knockoffs for 30 bucks.

    • Who knows, Greg; who knows.

      My decade-old scratched-to-heck Honda and discrete FitBit have induced zero bandits to tail me to my Lamorinda lair. The biggest risks up here are rattlesnakes, mountain lions and dumpster divers (IF they manage to appropriate securities above the SIPC limits).

      Understatement and modesty are both virtuous and prudent.

    • I agree with your sentiment, but I don’t see the difference with people who drive the “nicest most expensive cars in the world” when a Lexus or Acura will get you where you need to go just the same. Not trying to be disagreeable, just saying…

  7. Guys – If you’re inclined to drop tens of thousands on a pedestrian Rolex or six-figures on a bland German “luxury” sedan, consider that you will enjoy vastly greater thrills if you surprise your wife (or, even better, your mistress) with fine jewelry for even half the price.

    Zero chance you’ll get yourself killed that way (unless your wife finds out about your mistress, of course, but I digress….).

  8. Have the police said anything at all about this robbery or the others beside the fact that Walnut Creek remains a safe city (to spend money?)

  9. I have to think the robbers are getting tipped off by workers or wait staff who are able to spot the watches and the credit card limits and make a phone call to the bad guys waiting to intercept them.

  10. I’ve noticed a few adolescent boys (age 10-13) walking solo with eyes fixated on writs, actively eschewing eye contact. These kids report what they their older pals lurking in stolen cars around the corner. Old predator hustle; new feeding grounds.

  11. How about the police do a setup in posing with valuable jewelry and an expensive car and drive to a higher value neighborhood hood . Then have a dron follow them to the home and see if vehicle/s are following.

  12. Sitting here in the warm summer sun in flip flops and a Bernie T-shirt, I just don’t feel threatened somehow. However, I do recognize the value of the “broken Rolexes” policing model.

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