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Pursuit Ends In Fatal Orinda Crash, Power Out To Thousands

Reader Submission, "Jim"

A white Honda, fleeing from a Moraga police officer on Moraga Way headed toward Orinda, crashed at Glorietta Boulevard and Moraga Way shortly after 10 a.m. Saturday – killing the driver and injuring an unidentified male passenger.

The driver was subsequently identified as Naya Jackson, 29, of Oakland.

It was not immediately known why police were pursuing the vehicle though it was determined the car had been reported stolen earlier in Richmond. A subsequent police press release indicated the officer witnessed the driver commit a driving infraction.

Speeds reached during the height of the pursuit were not given.

Dozens of residents contacting this site reported power out at approximately 10:10 a.m., with the outage extending from Orinda east into Lafayette, knocking out signal lights as well as residential services.

Police are currently at the scene (10:32 a.m.) and road restrictions will almost certainly be going up, soon.  Moraga Way was reopened and the getaway car towed away shortly after 7 p.m.


  1. Yes, I have been waiting on pins and needles so I can grasp at the thin reeds of details to express bigoted rushes to judgement about Becton and blooming crime. While waiting, I have practicing mixed metaphors.

    • We know you’re joking LV (you’re joking, right?) but just so everyone knows we’re tightening up on that sort of commentary. It’s boring, takes us nowhere, and aggravates the majority of the readership, sooo… don’t do it! (how’d we sound? Pretty tough?)

      • Yes, you are correct. I do not feel as if I know enough about what is going on with Becton’s office to make educated statements so that was not my intent. As for the politics, although perhaps I was the only one, I did enjoy the discussion of Trump because it reminds and reinforces that the politics has become so polarized that not only is there no common ground for agreement, there is not even agreement on facts. In other news, I am told by someone who just made a run to Whole Foods that the stop lights are still just blinking red and are not fully restored.

  2. I was third car on scene. Mpd was moving pretty good down Moraga rd past the holy shepherd, when i arrived at glorietta it looked like opd set up a roadblock and the car had overturned.

  3. My son works at a hardware store in Moraga; said a pair of people stole several hundred dollars of merchandise this morning and police were called. Someone on Nextdoor posted video of the police escorting a person with an apparent head injury from the crash site (presumably the passenger), and my son thinks he looks like one of the pair (white guy in an army jacket; the other was a black woman).

    • Our information is the driver of the Honda was killed, her passenger critically injured. Not sure if a third person was in the car but if he was he was hunkered down.

      • Yeah, the guy in the video being up and walking didn’t seem to square with “critically injured.” But traumatic injuries can be weird; sometimes it’s not obvious how serious they are in the initial minutes afterward.

        • We’ve seen people with traumatic injuries run like deer so, yes. We’ve also seen a number of pictures from the scene but not the video you mention.

  4. Our system encourages daylight robberies which can bankrupt local businesses. Who benefits? Amazon and its gigawealthy founder. Whatever this is, it’s no way to reduce inequality.

    In this instance one of the criminals paid with his life. We need to repair our system before more people die unnecessarily and before more local businesses owned by hardworking people are destroyed.

  5. Could someone please tell me why people in Lamorinda are willing to spread their true names along with the most trivial and banal BillBarr-stuff on neighborhood pages but not here? Lamorinda Voter, Lamorinda Mom, Lamorinda Lassie it’s all just too precious for words. If you’ve got something to say Lamorinda up and put your bleeping name on it!

    • There is no such thing as using your “real name” online. You are who you say you are. A lot of names are fictitious. Do you really think every Bob Jones or Mark Smith is using his real name? Unless your CDL has been scanned, a screen name, first and last or first name only is all the same. With the exception of an ip address, we’re all anonymous.

    • @Barbra – The old trope goes, money talks but wealth whispers;” add to that “and old money uses anonymous screen names to avoid confrontations with angry proletariat mobs.”

      It’s an Illuminati / Freemason thing; you wouldn’t understand . . .

  6. Well, another one bites the dust. Sometimes you pay the ultimate price for committing crimes and I don’t care who is in office. The reason I don’t give my full name is that having formerly been in law enforcement there are likely individuals who would love to find me. It’s The Wild West out there, fortunately more law abiding citizens will be carrying guns in public thanks to the SCOTUS decision.


    • @Jeff – Uh, everyone in these parts knows exactly who you are. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots; luckily most criminals are still too dumb or lazy to triangulate your identity.

      Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. 🙂

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