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Protestors Turn Out In Walnut Creek Friday


Protest Underway in WalnutCreek tonight as a small but growing group of protestors turned out at Civic Park to make their feelings known… at least 300 people turned out to take part. 


  1. Sorry folks … My issue with these supposed ‘abortion rights’ is that what started out as first trimester allowances, have pushed their way all the way to aborting live, viable, even full term of babies. Then there are some out there that were proposing to allow termination up to 10 days after birth. That’s when I know they went crazy.
    Then on the news last night there was someone saying how bad this is for black and brown women. But you could actually say how good this is for black and brown babies because the majority of abortions are those groups. Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned Parenthood wanted to limit the population of certain ethnic communities..
    It looks like her wish is still happening today if that’s what abortion does to black and brown communities. I’m surprised that the actual history of planned Parenthood, which the biggest abortion promoter- isn’t being questioned.

    • Hey Greg T. I’m sure you’ll be at the front of the line when they put these “black/brown” babies up for adoption. And BTW, when you’re trying to make a point you know you can’t use “someone saying.” Doesn’t hold water my man!

    • Greg- those babies will also suffer as their parents won’t be able to afford them. They will not have the same opportunities and this will continue to be a vicious cycle. This is bad for people of color and very low income. People who have money will know there are places they can go. They will not be affected. Your ignorance is incredible!!!!!!

    • You know, there are very few institutions in this country that don’t have racism somewhere in their history, from Hahvud to UC Berkeley to the White House. Slave labor was used to build the White House. This is America. I’m encouraged that you can see that, but Sanger does not run Planned Parenthood today, and you continue to produce billowing clouds of smoke.

  2. The stupidity of our society is a BIG part of our downfall. The reversal of Roe v. Wade does NOT stop folks from getting an abortion. If one lives in a state that bans it, then it’s a matter of a short trip over state lines to a clinic that allows it. The ISSUE is that now folks will have to PAY for their own abortion. The “right” to an abortion was more a “right” to get one anytime, anywhere, for FREE. I am glad to see one less thing that my tax money goes to that does not represent my needs. You remember that phrase, right? No taxation without representation. If I wanted my tax money to go to reproductive issues, I’d rather see some form of either selective sterilization or reduction of SNAP benefits for those that continue to be “needy” yet also seem to have an amazing proclivity for procreation.

    • Yeah, cut their SNAP. Starve ’em. Sterilize the Them. Pro-life revealed. Woohoo! Pro-life! Whenever Republicans decide to have a platform again, other than “What He says”, maybe you should add Starve ’em in there somewhere. Good grief!

  3. Can’t wait until all our rights are stripped away by men and women who lied under oath and have exhibited some pretty strange personal proclivities. Then we can all march arm and arm in gooseste… I mean lockstep down Pennsylvania Avenue. I always appreciated a good military band and a snappy uniform, one people united behind our chosen leader.

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