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Postal Worker Pistol-Whipped, Robbed In Unincorporated Walnut Creek Monday


Area police are investigating the assault and robbery of a postal worker in the 2900 block of Camino Diablo in unincorporated Walnut Creek Monday.

Two men, described only as black with one slender and wearing a hoodie, attacked the worker at approximately 12:55 p.m., beating the worker about the head with a weapon of un-described type – possibly a replica.

The worker was treated for head wounds and other injuries suffered during the attack. The thieves got away with the worker’s keys and other personal items.

The two men are believed to be driving a black BMW SUV with chrome trim around the rims and windows.


  1. So, it’s not yet clear if they were targeting him personally, or the mail? Would he have had keys to drop boxes, for instance? In any event, bad news!

  2. Folks, this is getting bad! That could have been any of us if they didn’t spot the mailman first
    And somehow we re-elected our district attorney who is a twin of San Francisco’s Chasa Boudin who they even had the smarts to get rid of because of the crime wave he brought on there. Our DA does not want to prosecute any crimes, especially if committed by minority groups. I shutter at the thought of how bad it’s going to get now!
    But as President Obama said, elections have consequences. And we’re seeing them now.

    • Sadly, Diana Becton AND Pamela Price are cut from the same cloth as Chesa, and result in the same “public safety” issues as San Francisco experienced. If there are no consequences for someone’s actions, and the fabric of society has decayed as it has thus far, we can expect a lot more of this here in our LaMOrinda bubble.

  3. “somehow we re-elected our district attorney”
    The “how” is by counting the votes. The vote leader wins, by a large margin in this instance.

    So, with that explanation, what you are really saying is that the voters here lack “smarts”, to use your word.
    Got it.

    • David,

      What difference does it matter if it was mail or the person, a human being was injured. Your social justice agenda has warped your mind. May it happen to you. 108RS

      • This was a brutal crime. I thought reporting on the criminal objective (keys to drop boxes) would help readers better understand who might be targeted and what might come next…stolen mail. This was not a random street assault. Per KTVU, the target was the keys. I was asking for a small clarification. My mind is OK. Thanks for your concern.

  4. I believe the main reasons Ms Becton was reelected District Attorney are voter apathy which lead to low turnout.

  5. I have no doubt we all understand how the electoral process works. No condescending or snarky comments necessary. Oh, but to be clear, the victim of the crime was a female carrier.

  6. The peanut gallery’s fixation on the local DA and her recent re-election is misplaced here.

    The incident described falls squarely within in the DoJ’s remit. The U.S. Postal Inspector — likely in collaboration with other federal law enforcement agencies and local police — will lead the investigation, and the U.S. Attorney’s office will prosecute the matter when (not if) the Feds collar the perps.

    18 U.S. Code § 2114(a) provides that “[a] person who assaults any person having lawful charge, control, or custody of any mail matter or of any money or other property of the United States, with intent to rob, steal, or purloin such mail matter, money, or other property of the United States, or robs or attempts to rob any such person of mail matter, or of any money, or other property of the United States, shall, for the first offense, be imprisoned not more than ten years; and if in effecting or attempting to effect such robbery he wounds the person having custody of such mail, money, or other property of the United States, or puts his life in jeopardy by the use of a dangerous weapon, or for a subsequent offense, shall be imprisoned not more than twenty-five years.”

    Subject, perhaps, to double jeopardy limitations, the DA may have concurrent jurisdiction under California Penal Code sections 211, et seq.

    • Yeah, but those are facts. Facts do not penetrate the veil of victimhood and entitlement. The fact that their favored candidate lost in an election just invalidates the election in their minds. Low turnout! Dumbass voters! etc. The whining shall continue…

      • Tough to beat an incumbent in any race, let alone one with George Soros money. And Soros name was on her ads.


        • @Jeff – Please don’t pollute the discourse with anti-Semitic allusions to “Soros money”. The Koch and network, the Mercer family and many other billionaires donate to countless candidates and causes diametrically opposed to those George Soros supports. Singling out an outspoken Jewish benefactor like Mr. Soros smacks of conspiratorial, anti-Semitic animus.

          Hopefully that wasn’t your intention.

          • Campo,

            Nice try at the anti-Semitic, problem is I’m JEWISH, I can call Soros all the names I want, he’s a cockroach.


          • The fact is Soros has funded very light on crime DAs all over the USA. It has nothing to do with his religion it has everything to do with his politics.

  7. Many of us are making an exodus out of California. We pay the highest taxes for what? This state is friendly towards the wealthy, criminal element and illegals.

  8. @Jeff
    Well, you can’t be racist or anti-semitic if you have Jewish or black friends, can you? Can you? Can you? And, Jews for Jesus…are those Jews? DO LABELS SOMETIMES FAIL US? Nice try at grade school philosophy. I don’t know if you are, but certainly you can be whatever you claim you are not!

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