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Bit Of Excitement On Aisle 9 At Lafayette Whole Foods Sunday

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Frankly – and perhaps sadly – we weren’t going to write anything about what we have come to regard as a commonplace occurrence these days, but we’re taking a number of inquiries so here we go.

Witnesses report attempting to enter the Whole Foods store at 3502 Mt. Diablo Boulevard shortly after 1 p.m., apparently not thinking much about a Lafayette PD car parked out front.

A few of you were apparently taken by surprise when the shoppers who’d gone in ahead of you came boiling out again, talking about a “man with a gun” inside the store. As we said, that’s a common call these days and in this instance we believe it was actually the result of police contact with a man near the rear of the store.

At this stage we don’t know if any lethal weapon was brandished or even present but we do know the man police were attempting to contact didn’t appreciate it and began to scuffle with an officer – who drew and used his Taser.

The non-lethal device apparently curtailed further discussion though witnesses report additional police arriving on scene in response to an apparent call for assistance from their colleague added a sense of urgency to the scene.

The gent in question was at least detained by police and possibly arrested though we can only guess on what charges at this time.


  1. Oh, our wonderful homeless people!
    The more we help them the more we get. (And they stay the same)
    Maybe it’s time to try something new…mm

    • I agree what we are doing isn’t working. What might be a better course of action? I wonder what other nations do about their homeless population…

      • Other nations simply don’t tolerate it, particularly at a time when unskilled jobs are widely available. They address mental health ond addiction with compulsory treatment, rather than claiming treatment is a choice that can be refused.

        • “Compulsory treatment”. Yeah, intolerance of all sorts is making a comeback with its chorus of supporters. Google “California Eugenics” or “forced sterilization in California”, or similar, if you want to learn how that went the last time.
          Are any of the countries you mention, but don’t cite, democracies?

  2. The taser was probably unnecessary. Showing him the price of the Whole Foods eclairs in the pastry section would have been shock enough and completely disabled him.

    • Apparently even the democrats are triggered with the state of the nation. Socialist Democratic policies own it.

  3. Just a reminder that the incumbent district attorney was re elected by a wide margin. Apparently that needs saying because many around these parts tend to ignore election results.

  4. The election turnout was apthetic. so the fat that Becton got a lot of votes is not a indication of supprt. too many of us did not vote. i must say, I did!!!

  5. Yee Haw………………Lafayette. Sounds like nice work by the Lafayette Deputy. 108RS was busy in San Jose at the time or the outcome might have been different. As per the homeless, low security camps out in rural areas with programs. Of course the libs will complain that there’s no air conditioning, just tents. 108RS

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