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How Hot Is It? Car Catches Fire In Walnut Creek Saturday


We don’t have to tell you we’re going through a bit of a heat wave at present and that there’s no truth to the rumor that cars are spontaneously combusting as temperatures rise.

Local shooter (that’s what we call photographers, not to be conflated with the other usage…) Sean McDonough was surveying the damage from last night’s vegetation fire on Oakland Boulevard – which he documented as it happened – when he spotted this car starting to cook off in the 1900 block of Trinity Avenue.

Firefighters quickly pounced on the flaming hot auto and did what firefighters do but perhaps it’s a lesson to get our cars in out of the heat.


  1. A car doing a burnout, conjured up a different image on my mind … Hope no one was injured in the incident.

      • Wrong, Mark. The Firebird’s owner drove that car a lot. It ran well because he kept it in good mechanical shape. Plus he poured a lot of hard earned $$ into it. Too bad about the fire. It was already a salvaged car. Now it looks like a complete loss.

  2. BIG shout out to Sean McDonough for all the fabulous photo journalism. I miss being a freelance photographer in the 1980’s. Decided against it after a few fatal accidents. Felt bad for the families of the victims.

    • Very nice, M… yes. It takes a special set of skills to be good at it. We know a few folks who are good at it but they are a rare breed.

  3. What would cause a car to spontaneously combust? Esp one well- maintained? Does anyone do investigation into that? Are there ever follow ups to these stories? How can we further protect ourselves & our communities?
    I just found this site News24/680 & I’m very impressed!

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