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Carjacking In Concord Grocery Store Parking Lot Saturday

Danville, CA, Police, A 12-year-old boy shoots and wounds himself with his parent's gun.
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Concord police and associated agencies are looking for a white Toyota Sienna taken from its owner at gunpoint outside the Safeway store at 4309 Clayton Road in Concord Saturday.

The incident was reported at 12:39 p.m. and is still fresh. Details so far are that the car’s owner was approached by a black male in his early 30s in the parking lot, a gun was brandished and the driver pushed from the vehicle by the suspect – who then drove off with the car.

We don’t believe there were any physical injuries to the driver.

UPDATE: Witness accounts that the car – sans ‘jacker – was located a relatively short distance away could not be immediately confirmed.


  1. Damn! We got to start locking up all these thugs again! I know, I just know that this person was probably.. already out on probation, early release and or has worn outstanding for his arrest and should be in jail. There’s no rehabilitation if you no longer send people to jail or some kind of program and just let them lose constantly

    • Like our last Republican DA Mark Peterson? The convicted felon who can no longer practice law in California. He cut a pretty sweet deal to get 12 additional felony counts dropped and never went to jail. How’s that for an example of criminals getting off easy?

      • White collar crime, no one injured, no one threatened with death. He got the appropriate punishment for misusing money. 108RS

  2. That’s the Safeway my daughter and I shop at. This is just one of many cases of people on Clayton Road getting held at gun point. A few years back a punk with a gun held up Subway Sandwiches in the early afternoon. It’s been going on for years now and majority of these Criminals are coming over from East County or Richmond.

  3. We have to get these snow flake liberals out of office. It is the only way to get our cities back. Liberal politics destroy the middle class.

      • Have you ever been to Texas? They have their own set of problems and they are getting worse. If you want to live in a state where a man like Ted Cruz can become a state senator I say go and don’t let the Golden Gate hit you in the a…. behind.

      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Go find your patriot U-haul to Blistering Texas, Late Frost Montana, and 4pm Sundown Idaho. More space for the rest of us. Talk is cheap, even with post-election inflation.

      • I’m having fun, exchanging emails with an ex-neighbor who sold his place here in W. Creek and moved to an Austin suburb. In half a year, he’s lost, on a relative basis of home values, $300K.

        • WOW how cool Richard. Thats really great he lost 300k. Isn’t it funny how its always the elitist on high up pedestal huh. Guys probably retired living in a 3 million dollar house in lamorinda thinking he has a clue.

          Isn’t it funny how people react to one person saying we ough to start locking these criminals up, you get all the pushback and arguing because deep down you know what has occurred.

          If your son/daughter/mother/grandmother or friend ends up being the one who gets targeted or attacked at some point, please don’t make us say told you so. Quietly reflect instead.

          I love people defending criminals because they perceive that as better than agreeing with someone on the other side that violent criminals should be locked up. That’s how you know the brainwashing is real.

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