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Armed Robbery Outside Sun Valley Mall Under Investigation Saturday


A man was robbed of his watch, wallet and other personal items by an armed robber who confronted him outside Sun Valley Mall Saturday.

The incident, reported at approximately 12:40 p.m., happened very quickly with an armed man stepping out of a white Nissan and demanding the victim’s personal belongings while brandishing a pistol of undetermined type.

Details remain sparse as the incident is still fresh but no injuries were believed reported. This site was unable to confirm that the victim’s Rolex watch – a popular target with thieves of late – was taken.

We’ll have more details as soon as they become available.


  1. Not victim shaming here but since these robberies have been going on for a while now we might want to rethink the whole wearing expensive watches or jewelry thing. Just saying.

    • Jess, is this the price we pay for living in a multicultural location? What’s next? Drive an old beat up car so no one steals it?

      • LOL. What is the attraction/relevance of a “multicultural location” to criminals? More importantly, what did you mean to suggest by it, because frankly, I can’t comprehend where you were going with this. This must be code because God knows, wealthy white communities don’t invite this sort of crime. You will never spot a Rolex there, LOL. To me, “multicultural” means EXCELLENT food selection, first and foremost. It clearly connotes something different to someone like you.

      • That works for me. But I also see the common sense in not wearing flashy jewelry or watches or driving flashy cars when it is pllain to see that there are people out there who are willing to take those things from me at gunpoint. I would call this approach street smarts but I fully recognize that others may feel they have every right to dress or drive however or whatever this wish.

      • That’s never going to happen. The criminals voted to keep that cop hating, pro criminal D.A in office. Great job!

  2. People have the right to wear expensive jewelry, but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. A Timex works just as well.

  3. How do they know these people are wearing a Rolex? Are they easy to spot from far away?

    • Its pretty clear they are tageting people they see in public and then follow to a favorable location so they can rob them.

  4. It should be clear from watching any modern music video that these brands are highly prized by cultures who see them as representative of certain lifestyles. It’s pretty stupid actually but there it is.

  5. You don’t have to go far on these pages to see how these thieves operate. They come here because targets are plentiful and soft.

  6. So 2 Rolex robberies in Walnut Creek and 1 in Concord – and this site is the only one who thinks it significant enough to mention?

    • I can afford to wear a couple of Rolexes, real or fake, and a $20,000 gold chain suspending a $ symbol around my neck. Yet, somehow, I choose not to, as neither produces anything of value. Neither improves the lives of the less fortunate or myself, for that matter. Neither produces anything at all, but envy. We are not evolving in a positive direction, imho.

      • I’m their huckleberry, the lead will fly. Of course I don’t wear a rolex so I’m unlikely to have the opportunity.


        • Happiness is a Warm Gun, momma. Oooh, yes it i-i-is.

          Somebody is living a fantasy.

          Live large! Buy yourself a fake Rolex and shop the WC. Make huckleberry the bait watch. Save Us, 108RS, Save Us! Be our huckleberry.

  7. Some people feel the need to wear an expensive watch and drive a nice car. Others feel the need to criticize them, while at the same time portray a perception of wealth.

    • Well, Doug, having “wealth” involves choices. Dress pretty? Or do good? I’m bleeping anonymous here, so my having “wealth”, real or imagined, does not enhance my “feel good”. I’m making a disembodied philosophical observation. Try to keep up.

    • “Others feel the need to criticize them, while at the same time portray a perception of wealth.”
      I do, anonymously, criticize this glamorization of shiny baubles as crass and shallow as so many people struggle daily to make ends meet. I am anonymous David, one of zillions. How the bleep does portraying “a perception of wealth” somehow reflect favorably upon my anonymous ego, you ignoramus? Two rolexes and an expensive vanity gold chain are choices that do not reflect wealth but choosing baubles over paying the rent. We are not discussing wealth, but baubles. LOL.

      • “Crass and shallow” is a culturally insensitive value judgment and “ignoramus” is a textbook micro aggression.

        Can we please keep it civil and just agree that such garish artifacts are “tacky and gouache?”

        • Unsure of what medium you’re using but thinking you meant “gauche?”

          That minor fix aside, we’re onboard with your commitment to civility!

          • Correct. Good eagle eye.

            In my defense, I left my reading glasses downstairs and was squinting at my phone. Cursed middle age farsightedness.

            Tacky though ostentatious displays “wealth” may be, folks have the right to flaunt their inner tertiary “Jersey Shore” character without fear of violent armed robbers.

            Time for local LEOs to up their game and earn their keep!

        • In a re-reading of this, I might have misread Doug’s post as a personal attack when it may not have been. And, in the immortal words of Ms. Litella, if that is indeed the case, “never mind”. However, I stand by any comments made on baubeliciousness. baubeldacity, and baubelmania.

    • I did not mean to double up with my comments, but after an hour and a half with no post, I started from scratch, not knowing why.

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