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Suspect In Alexis Gabe Disappearance Killed During Arrest Attempt In Washington State

Oakley PD

The ex-boyfriend of Alexis Gabe, Marshall Curtis Jones, was killed yesterday (June 1, 2022) by members of the Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force as they attempted to arrest him in Washington.

Jones was pronounced dead at the scene after allegedly charging at officers with a knife.

Marshall Curtis Jones. Photo, police body worn camera.

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office filed a murder charge against Jones on May 26. Oakley and Antioch police officers issued an arrest warrant for him on June 1, after getting information Jones had fled to Kent, Washington.

Law enforcement officers from Seattle Police Department, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Marshals Service were attempting to arrest Jones, the last person Gabe saw before her disappearance, when he reportedly produced a knife and charged at officers. Marshals discharged their service weapons, killing Jones, according to police accounts.

Gabe, 24, has been missing since January 26, 2022, after she was last seen in Antioch. Members of her family found her blue Infinity coupe about a mile from Gabe’s home on Trenton Street near Carrington Drive in Oakley the next day. The keys were still inside, and the vehicle was unlocked. The Oakley Police Department started an investigation into her disappearance a short time later.

Jones, Gabe’s former boyfriend, became a focus of the investigation – which culminated in the wire and electronic interception of communications on his cellular phone. Jones and Gabe had reportedly broken up in November 2021 but saw each other from time to time. Jones reportedly told investigators that he and Alexis were together at his home in Antioch until 9 o’clock on the night she went missing. However, Jones said he witnessed Gabe leave the home to where she’d parked her blue Infinity coupe on Cedar Point Way.


  1. It’s true. More often than not its a person you know. Hope they find her so her parents can have some closure.

  2. His family will probably sue the police and receive a significant settlement, while Gabe’s family cannot even get closure.

    • Don’t trivialize the suffering of human beings and their loved ones who are betrayed by bad police. Bad police are real. How could that not be real? Bad humans exist. Bad police who abuse their authority exist. Do NOT mock the real victims of police misconduct and pretend otherwise. Do not pretend. Do NOT pretend that criminals simply “sue the police and receive a significant settlement” regardless of police conduct. That is shallow.

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