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In-Person Voting Still Available On Or Before Election Day


From the Coalition of Bay Area Election Officials:

While all active registered voters throughout California receive Vote by Mail (VBM) ballots, voters still have the option of voting in person on or before Election Day.

Your County Elections Office is open for in-person voting beginning 29 days before the election and voters can cast their ballots in person up to and including Election Day.

Your county may be a polling place county or a Vote Center County. Both provide a variety of options for in-person voting. Depending on the county, voters will have the opportunity of visiting a polling place, early voting location, or vote center. The primary differences between polling place counties and vote center counties are:

  • the number of locations and days of operation. While vote centers allow a voter to go to any voting location throughout the county, technology at polling places allow counties to have all ballot styles available electronically and the ability to check on Vote by Mail status.

Lynda Roberts, Marin County Registrar of Voters comments, “Voters should be familiar with their voting options in their county. Your County Voter Information Guide has a lot of great, detailed information about your voting options, times and locations. County websites are also a quick and easy way to get more information about in-person voting in your county.”

All election processes and procedures are open to the public for observation.

For more local information, go to your local county election official, who is your trusted source of nonpartisan election information. Information on this topic as well as direct links to local elections offices can be found on our website, BayAreaVotes.org, or our Facebook page, Bay Area Votes.

A detailed Fact Sheet on In-Person Voting can be found on the webpage under Just the Facts.


  1. Oh, the FEAR. I smell it. People voting. People’s votes counted. OMG can democracy not be stopped? Stay tuned!

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