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PG&E Training Helicopter Down In Livermore


Crews are responding to 7205 National Dr. in Livermore after a PG&E training chopper goes down with a pilot and linesman aboard. Unknown cause of crash, if controlled or not.

Early, unconfirmed reports of two people on their way to local hospitals with unspecified injuries turned out to be the rotorcraft’s pilot and a linesman suspended from the helicopter by a cable when it went down.

Both men were taken to a hospital after complaining of pain although their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

The crash occurred at PG&E’s Livermore Electric Safety Academy on National Drive, an area marked by a stand of power poles used for training purposes. PG&E identified the aircraft as a Bell 407 operated by a contractor.


    • No one is saying yet, Unl… but those pilots hold their hovers for sustained periods so the lines workers can do their thing. Loss of an engine might result in the type of damage we’re seeing there.

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