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Sheriff Increasing Patrols And Services In Underserved Parts Of The County


From the Office of the Sheriff:

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors this afternoon approved 34 positions that will be added to the Office of the Sheriff budget. The positions cover 29 deputy sheriffs and five sergeants.

The Sheriff’s Office requested the positions to increase police services in under-resourced county communities.

“These positions will provide increased services in the most underserved areas of the county,” said Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston. “The deputies will secifically address quality of life concerns, develop partnerships and relationships with community members, and decrease response times by increasing the number of patrol cars in the community.”

The deputy sheriff positions will all be assigned to county patrol. Four of those positions will be detectives, one assigned to each of our four county station houses to handle investigations. The new sergeants will provide supervision for the new deputy sheriffs.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to roll out the positions in the new fiscal year. Nine new deputy sheriffs and one sergeant will start on July 1, 2022; the remainder of the positions will be filled by July 1, 2023, with additional deployments throughout the fiscal year.

Besides the 34 positions, the Sheriff’s Office also requested two additional deputy sheriff positions for Mental Health Evaluation Teams who would be funded by the Community Corrections Partnership.

“The addition of these deputy sheriff and sergeant positions is in line with my highest priority when I was elected Sheriff in 2010: keeping Contra Costa families safe,” said Sheriff David Livingston.


  1. The Board of Supes caved in to Livingston, just as they have gone after him, he was going to produce crime stats and force them out of office. Nice work David. 108RS

    • So, you are saying that the Sheriff blackmailed the board with crime stats, crime stats that would somehow be so embarrassing that they would be forced somehow from their jobs. But, you assert that because he’s smart, he made a deal with these elected whippersnappers instead. Brilliant! I hope that makes the late edition of the dark web.

    • Some smoke but no fire yet. No charges. More of a problem are those gun buy backs, which the cops used traditionally to fill their personal armories. Plus I’m always suspicious when the main witness is a ex wife with a possible ax to grind.

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