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The Tuesday Trimmings


Swinging into a Mellencamp Morning here in the News Bunker after caffeinating early and getting out for a look around. Passing on breakfast out of sympathy with those with nothing to eat this morning. We do odd things sometimes – but we also believe it’s good to go hungry every so often.

Calibrating our radar screens to see what’s cooking around the ever-simmering 24/680 and tracking a few blips, nothing major – so far. We believe you all know how quickly that condition can change.

On the Social Front a kind host overlooked our propensity for scouting out her gatherings for signs of the Local Pulsebeat (as well as for hoovering up her hors d’oeuvres – those stuffed mushrooms were stellar, really) and let us talk to guests without restriction at a recent party. Heard some funny tales, some not so funny, but all entertaining. Perhaps that part was the Scotch talking but, hey, it was a party.

Judging from the ambient conversation level this is shaping up to be one helluva political season, with folks weighing the issues and the candidates with a vigor we haven’t seen in a while. We liked that, seeing it as a good thing. People seem to be awake and listening though, yes, we were in Orinda and people were unholstering party affiliations like gunslingers in a Tombstone saloon.

We tried to stay loosely ambivalent and close to the single malt, aware that our cloistered environs can provide perfect cover for the small ambushes people can set, trying to trip us up in hope of collecting some sort of political capital. While we regard ourselves as relatively small players who happen to have a fairly significant following in our area, we are aware this practice – best described by the profane term used for it in All The President’s Men – has been and is being used and we do our best to remain observationally neutral and objective.

Made it home without running into anything or any member of the local constabulary (we were fine, really, we don’t like getting messy) and settled in for the nightly scrimmage with our busy mind. It poses a lot of questions for us – along the lines of: “do we really still need cable?” and “does paying our bills quickly just mean we’re billed more quickly?” – along with deeper stuff that occupies us into the wee hours, before emerging into the daylight of a Mellencamp Morning.

That’s it for us, until next time. Anything on your mind(s)?


  1. Enjoying your reporting! Was there ever an arrest for the shooting death of the driver on Taylor near Gloria Terrace?

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