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Body Found Dumped In Tilden Park Sunday


Investigators are sealing off an area of hillside off Grizzly Peak Road in Tilden Park Sunday after passersby reported seeing someone roll a body wrapped in plastic off the side of the road.

Oakland police said in a statement Monday that officers located a wounded man just after 7:15 p.m. on Grizzly Peak Boulevard about a quarter mile from the Tilden Park Steam Trains. He succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

The victim had apparently been shot in the head. The deceased’s identity is not being released while family is notified.

Homicide investigators from Oakland PD were on scene Sunday along with detectives from Berkeley PD and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.

We’ll have more on this story as additional details come to light.


  1. Seeing the dumping of a body on Mother’s Day wouldn’t be very pleasant. Not that anyone wants to be a murder victim, but I hope the victim wasn’t a mom.

  2. I don’t want to sound canalis, but this is happening 50 and 60 years ago in the same area. I remember as a kid a neighbor was driving us through there telling us all the murder stories as we drove through the twisty roads at night time. We were scared stiff as kids. So this is hardly anything new in the Oakland Berkeley hills. Yes it’s awful.

    • This is true, Greg. Recall the Lee/Page case in the 80s. While driving to Cal one morning, also in the 80s, we came across the authorities standing over the body of a deceased male on the side of the road on Highway 13. I have yet to see coverage of this current crime on MSM, or any indication as to whether this may have been the work of a serial killer or a “job.” With all of the highway shootings nowadays, we can only hope that the local authorities can manage the problem. Perhaps our local expert Jeff One-O-Eight can enlighten us here.

      • Eager,

        Used to find dumped bodies all the time in the hills above Malibu. Every canyon rode got at least one, Mulholland, Topanga, Malibu Canyon, etc. Not many witnesses and no cameras, very unusual to have a witness. 108RS

  3. Finger prints should take less than 3 days to identify the victim. As in Oakland where are the police? Sideshows are still occuring police only come to pick up the bodys not to stop the crimes.

  4. That area used to be a favorite for the $$$ collectors at Artichoke Joe’s. Guys would get OD’d on cheap drugs and rolled out of a car.

    More than one person was found up there who used to have a gambling problem.

  5. 8 days homicide occured still the victims name not released i cant believe he hasnt been identified many people are looking for family members who cannot be found this may be one. Leave it up to the local pd or sherriff dept Oakland is a crime mecca.

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