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Shots Fired Outside Sun Valley Mall Saturday


Witnesses reported hearing several shots fired, apparently from a passing car, in the parking lot of the Sun Valley Mall in Concord Saturday night.

No one was believed to have been hit though arriving officers reportedly found bullet casings, live rounds and at least two cars with bullet damage in the parking lot.

Witnesses reported seeing a black BMW or late model Mercedes in the area when the gunfire erupted.


  1. Too often Concord residents complain about the airport and argue to close it. Closing that mall is likely a better idea.

  2. Well cowpokes, always be prepared for this in today’s world. Me, I’ll be putting a live one on Wyatt Earp’s grave in Colma today.


  3. Sunvalley Mall, at one time was the premier mall in the nation! Yes…. we’re talking 1967. Hard to believe nowadays. It is a shame though that people refer to it as ‘Scum Valley’ but I guess there’s a reason.

  4. The Spoontonic gang-affiliated-suspect-with-a-gun-at-home not charged; same for the identified love-triangle rap killer in Dublin, CA… I’m told t he deceased fingered the killer on his deathbed. (Admissable in court, I’m told.) No Charges for either.

    When identified killers walk, it’s no wonder.

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