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Letters: Cody Supports Murphy For Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder


Dear Reader(s),

Representation and civic engagement do not start and end on Election Day and we need to 100 percent continually ensure all communities in Contra Costa County have the tools, resources, and energy to make our voices center in our own future. In Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, this is especially important as Lamorinda is overwhelmingly a family community of over 65,000 voters, and many young voters of my own community that may very well be casting their first ballot in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

Civic engagement strengthens knowledge and understanding of the news as a means of gathering and analyzing information to make informed decisions and creates more open-minded volunteerism and focuses on community issues. People (especially young people) can develop knowledge, skills, and voice through civic engagement methods such as voting and volunteering. A few simple actions could improve health and well-being in all its forms.

As a young voter myself, I have made it a goal to engage young voters in Lafayette, Orinda, and Moraga in the many activities, community events, and possibilities in our area! This is why I so strongly support Devin because he himself is a young, civically minded, and engaged leader with a key priority in transparency and community engagement. He believes our residents deserve to know what’s going on in the Clerk-Recorder’s office and in our county government.

He will prioritize having accessible avenues and platforms for residents to know the happenings of the office and will help educate our residents – especially our youth. He will prioritize creating on-the-ground efforts to promote civic education through a Civic Education Corps – focused on mobilizing and engaging Contra Costa County residents around the issues that impact them and how they are connected to their local government.

I wholeheartedly endorse and support Devin Murphy for Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder and urge you to support, donate money, donate your time and endorse Devin Murphy for office.

Be sure to connect with Devin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on the campaign trail and how you can get involved. https://devintmurphy.com/

Cody Keller
Lafayette, CA

President, Contra Costa Young Democrats

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