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Texas – The Eyes Of The Country Are Upon YOU



I started this letter to you in a completely different direction but I am glad and relieved to see that prosecutors in Starr County Texas have DROPPED charges against a 26 year-old woman arrested and jailed after the hospital officials to who she reported for care turned her in to police.

Under current Texas law this woman “intentionally and knowingly caused the death of an individual by self-induced abortion.” She was arrested and jailed, her bail set at limits typically reserved for killers.

I believe you can discern my position in this matter as Texas and now other states move in unprecedented directions and in ways I believe are and will be even more harmful to women. I think this is abhorrent.

Texas has imposed some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and some states with similarly minded “leadership” are following suit. If a bounty system, lawsuits, arrest and prison are in store for the women of Texas should they find themselves in a position to make decisions pertaining to their own bodies I have to wonder if any will be moving soon.


M’Lissa Villareal/Concord


  1. I’m still confused by what the hospital people and law enforcement thought they were doing. It seems like an ambitious over reach of authority which I know is at the root of this issue. Looking for more information and hoping we’re not actually headed to living the Handmaid’s Tale.

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