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Moraga Resident Reports Rolex Robbery On Moraga Way Tuesday

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A Moraga resident reported being accosted, pistol-whipped and robbed at gunpoint outside a residence in the 1500 block of Moraga Way Tuesday afternoon.

The incident was reported at approximately 5:35 p.m. after the unidentified victim was surprised by two armed, masked black males who took his watch and iPhone.

Reports that the car used by the suspects was spotted racing toward Orinda and, possibly, Highway 24, could not immediately be confirmed.

An ambulance was summoned to treat the victim for unspecified injuries.


    • Jeff – 1500 block of Moraga Way. Looks like one of those Blitz Rolex Thefts we’re seeing in other areas, as well… car rolls up, couple of guys approach with guns and demand the watch and phone. Victim reportedly pistol-whipped…

  1. My goodness, how horrible. And just today SFPD was accosted for stopping, fighting and arresting a higher percentage of African-Americans, could it be that they commit a higher percentage of crimes relative to their population? 108RS

    • Never figured you for a pearl-clutcher, Jeff – and while the race and crime thing is a favored trope in some quarters a healthy discussion would be allowed here if the usual internet standards were adhered to…

    • SFPD has a history of policing rooted in bias and discrimination. I had hoped and thought it was doing better. But, then again, it also has a history of producing and supporting a murderer.

    • And without offering the possible reasons why it’s a higher percentage, at best it shows a lack of insight and understanding of a complex problem, at worst it shows something else entirely…

      • Sure, we failed the African-American community after the Civil War, Lincoln and Grant tried, but those Southern Dems blocked everything. Now, plenty of programs for the less advantaged, lack of motivation is the key. Hey, soon two African-Americans on SCOTUS, yes, Clarence Thomas counts.


  2. Who can disagree that they need to be prosecuted, but first you need to catch them. Or better prevent/dissuade them.
    No one likes the Bri’ish solution, more CCTV, but it’s looking better at this point.

  3. I gave up wearing a watch after cell phones came out. I wonder how these criminals knew this guy would be a wearing a Rolex and not some cheap, drug store watch.

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