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LETTERS: America’s Train Wreck – Watching The “Slow-Motion Coup”



I write out of a growing sense of concern I have over the direction taken by a significant number of my countrymen and women I feel is pushing us further away from democracy and closer to an apparently preferred conservative dictatorship.

After the defeat of the disgraced former president I believed for a moment that the country would recover from an abysmal four year run and get back on track. Instead, we’ve seen a frightening number of Americans embrace the conservative agenda and evince an interest in a violent overthrow of the government, with police and military leaders openly abandoning their oaths to condemn the current administration and conservatives labeling the Jan. 6 assault on Democracy a “rally.”

With an at-home propaganda network pumping out a steady stream of lies and disinformation to a segment of the population apparently dumb and willing enough to accept them as fact – and with a selected group of Republican candidates grooming themselves or being groomed for future political runs, I look around in constant fear I’m alone in seeing the threat.

Am I?

Robin Burgess/ Walnut Creek


  1. Robin

    America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

    I too fear for our nations future during these trying times.

    I have faith in America and the exceptional American spirit that has survived throughout our history.

    Good will overcome evil.

    America will change and it will be a better America. A free, prosperous and strong America.

  2. I find it sad that now people see propaganda and lies and cry foul when a politicians own words are played back for them.

    I think Robin unfortunately is the one who has succumbed to the disinformation coup, hence why she is trying to blame people instead of the inept garbage administration that are scared to show the presidents words. Instead she is still buying into the whole left vs. right instead of realizing she has been had. I think Robin is the one “dumb and willing to accept it” and she puts it. I’m sure she probably think there is no inflation and gas suddenly went up due to Russia.

    I’m sure Robin has bothered to actually read past one liners gas lighting news. I’m sure she watches the presidents entire speeches. I personally am not ok with a Whitehouse administration that starts yelling at high volume as a way to obstruct journalists from asking more questions. Very third world. People voted for Biden because they hate trump. He is the one who ran the coup on this country with bullcrap woke ideas pushed by global corporate America and rammed down our throats. Nobody voted for that crap. We could debate the current administrations job so far, but I’m sure Robin has lied to herself so deeply she thinks things are just going great. Sounds like instead of educate yourself to whats going on you want to drink the kool aid that disinformation is separating the nation when in reality it’s people like you.

    I should do an op ed how all these people need to grow up and stop acting as if criticizing biden is illegal or makes you a part of XYZ group. How hating trump should not be a license for allowing the current administration to do whatever and say whatever they want. Grow up and educate yourself on what’s going on.

    I may not agree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it, and I’ll sure as hell fight for the right of free speech before I will support all the dog crap self suiting censorship and wokeism crap that has taken over.

    I personally did not vote for Trump but people like Robin make me understand 100% why others did and still will. It’s not lies and disinformation being pumped out gaining their vote, it’s misinformed nutcases like you.

      • Let’s go Brandon!!! Trump would have not been elected if it wasn’t for Obama and Biden. Centrist American voters whether Democrat or Republican did not like the way our country was headed under Obama. Some didn’t like Trump’s harsh persona. I have no problem with this because he saw through the corrupted RINOs and one Soros/WEF -bought media that was trying to destroy him.

        Trump did more for this country than any Presidents since Reagan. In my opinion this is what matters, not how he looks in a suit and how educated he may sound. He is not a politician but a businessman. This country needed a businessman to get us back on track. We need another businessman to undo all the destruction that the Biden administration has done to our great nation. Trump kept our enemies at bay. They knew he was a powerful leader and could mo be bought. Now we have a weak leader, and look at the world because of it. Our current administration is a laughing stock of the world. Sure, Trump could have done better with the covid pandemic, but he was putting his faith in the so call expert Dr. Evil (Fauci).

    • I’m surprised your comment made it past moderation. The most insulting comment I’ve read on this site.

      • This site is well moderated but I do think they like to “open the drapes” and shine a light on the types of commenters and ideas out there from time to time.

      • Its painfully obvious these people live among us. We intend to exercise our rights as citizens to prevent them from coming to power. Beyond that, I’ll refrain from commenting.

        • After several years of life in the National Fever Dream I’ve learned that there is no arguing with True Believers. I don’t have the time or inclination to convert them. As it has so often in the past we’ll let history do that for us.

  3. We’re all being fed different “truths” and it’s my belief the truth may be somewhere in between. You can see a story, google to check sources and still not know what the truth is. This is done by design.

    Imagine if we were all on the same page, it would be the people (us) looking at our elected officials and wanting them to take care of the issues we have here at home (America). When they fail, which they do more often than you think, WE would be screaming for them to do their jobs or be replaced. By feeding different narratives to different people, they keep us focused on bickering with each other. Psychology has been used on us for generations to divide and conquer. We’re all too busy arguing on social media, we fail to see what’s right in front of our faces. Look at our media. CNN is far left and FOX is far right. How is it that two news stations are reporting the same story completely opposite? What happened to honest journalism? I’m tired of hearing stories told with certain words dropped in a way to manipulate the reader. I don’t want their opinion, I want facts, and facts only!

    Why do we pay so much in taxes, where is all that money going? Homelessness is by far the worst I’ve ever seen it and it seems to be spreading by the minute.

    Let’s stop arguing about who’s wrong about what and let’s start spending more time watching what our elected officials are doing. They are getting richer by passing laws funded by special interests and selling out the people they were elected to represent. Our country’s morals have been on a downward spiral, what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good. I don’t get it, this can’t be ok with you all. At this rate, what will life be like for our children and grandchildren?

  4. Good Lord, just when I was thinking a somewhat return to normalcy was almost upon us…what Robin brought up is not so far-fetched considering what happened on Jan. 6th…if trying to prevent a peaceful transfer of power and threatening Mike Pence to “do the right thing” or else (Trump supporters threatened to hang him) isn’t some form of a coup, then what is it? But Trump tried once and failed miserably, and I expect the same result next time…we have a wonderful thing called “checks and balances” and it works…it seems that we have some QAnon types here who probably believe the election was “stolen”, if so please cite your evidence. Btw, we are both a republic and a democracy, or more precisely, a “representative democracy”, not that difficult to comprehend, but for some strange reason there are some people don’t like the idea of a democracy, those people are probably rooting for Putin, rather sickening I think…

  5. To Robin: No, you’re not alone. There is a very troubling effort to take control of this country by people who wrap themselves up in its flag and chant USA. They are not patriots and they are leading the country down a very dangerous path with help from longtime enemies who recognized our weakness and exploited it. I am hoping Americans come to their senses in time but a large cross section of America has proven to be easily distracted and easier to manipulate.

  6. The Former Guy isn’t smart enough to make this kind of a move on his own so you have to wonder who he has behind him. I do at least. Some of them are making themselves known and they are not the brightest tools in the shed but it would be good to know who’s behind the curtain pulling the levers.

  7. A head in sand does not indicate intelligence or patriotism. I see many of you have not ventured outside of CNN and other MSM sources. Please research with an open mind. Fox and other MSM feed us what we want to hear. They validate the psych-op favor of choice. Look at action and outcome. There is no other source of truth.

    • Pretty much what I said. I agree 100%! I try to think that someday everyone will stop arguing over what news they are being fed and focus on the issues we want to correct and how to accomplish that. Thank you 🙏🏽

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