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Remembering Mr. Singh



Like most of Benicia I woke up Wednesday morning to learn someone had been murdered in town and when I saw your story I realized it was Mister Singh, a good man trying to make a living and being good to people along the way.

He would wave whenever I passed and we would stop and talk when we could. He kept very busy taking care of his business and taking care of his family, and it was plain to see he loved them very much. He always asked about my family and how we were all doing.

I haven’t been by Rose Market in a while and I felt bad about that when it finally began to sink in that someone had taken his life for go good reason and that I wouldn’t be able to see him any more.

He was a very nice man and it was not fair for us to lose him this way.

I will remember him smiling and waving.


Emanuel Garza/Vallejo


  1. Editor,

    Every town has it’s Mr. Singh, they are part of the fabric that makes a community. My condolences go out to his family, friends and Benicia, all have lost someone very important. Me, I’ll give an extra special hello to my “Tony” tomorrow morning.


  2. Be a man and surrender yourself. Whoever you are you’re not worth this man’s life or any other. I hope you get all that’s coming to you and more.

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