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Walnut Creek PD May Be Getting Some New, Hybrid Wheels Soon

WCPD may be getting eight new hybrid patrol cars. Photo "Alex."

Police cars take a beating over the course of their service lives and Walnut Creek PD vehicles are no exception. A proposal up for consideration by the city council at their February 1 meeting calls for the purchase and outfitting of eight new hybrid cruisers – at a cost to the city of $540,830 – to replace vehicles “at the end of their useful life.”

The city’s fleet maintenance supervisor is recommending that the city approve the purchase, with funding for the acquisition coming from the city’s Vehicle Replacement Fund. Eight of the department’s currently used vehicles have are in need of replacement, according to Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Eddie Quiocho, who said the condition of the vehicles made replacement necessary.

Attempting to repair the vehicles would be cost-prohibitive, Quiocho said in a report to the council.


    • Lol, unlike a porno magazine, you actually have to read the words. Not sure where you are looking but the hybrids are on the list and were tested

        • I don’t know how you could miss it. It says, “2021 Ford P.I. Utility Hybrid AWD.” You’re simply wrong when you say the vehicles under consideration weren’t tested.

          • Jeff, I don’t know why you’d speculate on its score. The results are there in the report you attached. I guess if things don’t fit your narrative…..

  1. Since car manufacturers are moving away from the gasoline engine, this is a good idea. Although I wouldn’t start with so many vehicles. Maybe half that number. See how it goes. Either way, police cruisers have been junk since Ford moved away from the panther platform and Chevy moved the Caprice Classic to that beached whale look.

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