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Old Phone Con Still Around; Bogus Deputies Continue To Call

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Phone scammers posing as sheriff’s deputies continue to heat up local phone lines in search of guilty consciences and easy money, and one would-be target wanted to get the word out.

Reader “John” checked in with the following:
“Figured you guys might wanna know that scammers claiming to be CoCo County Sheriff Deputies are calling up and saying there’s a federal bench warrant that the mark has to pay to get out of… They go the whole hog, man: case numbers, badge numbers… but it all falls apart with their demanding payment via Zelle.

“Called the actual sheriff’s office; and they are aware of the scam, and they assured me any contact about federal grand jury summons, warrants, and the such, would be via the US Mail – and that a county sheriff deputy would never call a person up and request payment via the phone.

“I strung the scammer along, got all the info I could, and passed it onto the Real Deal boys in blue.”

Nice. This con has been around for a while, veteran readers may know, but it never hurts to get the latest variation!

Our thanks to John for reaching out…


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