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Shelves Are Full, Aisles Are Empty – Where IS Everyone?


Out and about a little tonight and wondering if something is up because there’s little sign of anyone out anywhere.

Shooter (that’s what we call photographers – not the other usage) Craig Cannon walked into the neighborhood grocery store to find the shelves full and the aisles deserted. If we can just sync up this supply and demand thing we should all be okay. But for now, at least, shoppers appear to have enough TP and beer to see them through another week or so of COVID Winter.

What are you doing? Steering clear of the stores? Social gatherings?


  1. A lot of people we know are getting sick. Omicron is spreading and no one wants to talk about it. A lot of people still won’t admit its even real.

  2. If this picture was taken late Friday night, that’s not exactly a time where stores are full of people. Maybe a little late night beer run. It’s no big deal. Stop the fear mongering. I’m not staying clear of grocery stores. I’ve always gone when it’s less crowded.

      • Yes stop telling us what’s going on with a persistent and rapidly spreading virus. We don’t appreciate knowledge and information — it scares us. We prefer to stay stupid and in the dark.

        • Most Americans have covid fatigue. We’re vaccinated, and we’ve moved on. Kim, if you want to live in fear – that’s your insecurity. Wear a mask until 2035, avoid grocery stores and hide under the bed. The rest of us have returned to normalcy, because that’s what normal people do. Like 90% of the country is doing.

          • Have you ever noticed how people who don’t agree with your position LOVE to call you fearful, or a sheep, or just plain dumb? Sound familiar? Only everyone knows its a distraction and way of belittling the other person while making themselves feel secure and better about themselves. The only thing is I and most others really don’t care — go ahead and mock and do what you’re going to do. But you don’t have to go far to see that we’re in the middle of another surge and I, for one, don’t want anyone in my family getting sick. You call it insecurity and fear and I call it common sense.

  3. I wonder if people were all out earlier in the day? The stores I went to yesterday around 11:00 a.m. were jammed! I thought to myself it’s almost like a pre-holiday shopping day.. what’s going on?

  4. Seems to me there are people in our criminal justice system right now who should be praying none of these dudes re-offend.

  5. We will definitely learn if the private monitoring company is worth the money they are being paid.

  6. That’s weird. There was very minimal produce at Martinez Alhambra shopping center when i went at 6pm wed, there was also a few normal things on my relatively small list that were missing not available. Guess I should have gone to the Safeway in the photo.

    In fact I’m going to go shopping right now and hope there really aren’t many people out and about.

  7. Gee News24-680: see what you started with your simple and innocent article? 🤗 Heehee
    (But We still live you!)

  8. Of course most people in the Bay Area have enough sense to reduce their risk of exposure to a more contagious variant by reducing their activity for the time being. I’m not too worried about going out, masked in an N95, once during the week for necessities, but there’s no reason or urgency to do more for a couple more weeks.

    • Not sure what this means, actually… but it didn’t trip any of our Troll Guard filters so we’re going with it…

      • It’s a bookend to the opening post. Deebo runs for TD, throws for TD, rescues home team (with help from the other 50 guys)…Pandemonium ensues.

        • Aha! We happen to like bookends – opening lines and closure and all that (we’re tidy that way) – but apparently it has another slang meeting that briefly crinkled the brow of our Digital Cerberus. We learn something every day in this line of work! Sports references tend to elude us!

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