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Pursuit From Moraga To Orinda Ends With Two Detained Sunday Night


Police in Moraga and Orinda teamed up to halt a car which reportedly fled from officers along Moraga Way Sunday night, officers eventually catching up to the speeding vehicle after it crashed on the Orinda offramp at approximately 8:35 p.m.

Details about the incident remained hard to come by Sunday night.

It was not immediately known what the occupants had done to bring them to the attention of police or if they were injured in the resulting crash, though no ambulance appeared to have been requested.

No officers were believed to have been injured. We hope to have additional details on the incident and will update this post as we get them.


    • With the worsening economy, and the holidays coming, you can expect more thievery. Add to that the no-go-to-jail policies and thousands of inmates being sprung from prisons, and you can expect a lot more crime this holiday season!

      • “Worsening economy”? Consumer demand is hot, and employers are paying hiring bonuses to attract workers. You must not live around here.

        • That stopped me too. There seems to be an interest in painting a bleak picture for America right now. Those who buy that will buy it, those who know better won’t.

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