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Monday On My Mind


Apologies to the Easybeats (RIP) for the lyrics change but we woke up with their song in our head this morning and once that happens, we’re done for the rest of the day.

Along with Rock n’ Roll we’re also indulging our Cowboy Side this morning, answering with “Lots of Irons in the Fire” when we asked ourselves what they day had in store for us. Because, for a lowly Monday, there’s a lot of unsettled business ahead.

We’d like to know Mister Officer, please, what touched off that bizarre game of Giant-Sized Bumper Cars at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza last night. For those of you who weren’t with us when we started taking frantic calls about the bizarre scene developing on the westbound approach you may want to check out our Twitter Feed – it’s frightening and funny at the same time.

And a tip of the fedora to our Mystery Narrator for: “Wait, did they just fire a gun? Oh, My God, there’s a truck coming this way… (indrawn breath) Oh, sh*t sh*t… etc.” in lovely San Franciscanese.

That set the tone for Sunday as we as we sensed renewed interest in the cases of nine people arrested after looting in the wake of the widespread attacks on stores in Walnut Creek last year and a “Bring Me Their Heads” sentiment among some local officials probably tired of the global flagellation they’ve been getting over more recent blitz thefts in our area. There’s no official memo that we’ve been able to get our hands on – yet – but word seems to have been sent out to the troops that these thefts aren’t going to be tolerated and the perps (cop term for perpetrators) are going to have a blue wall fall on them if they try it again.

That might explain the vigorous police chase from Moraga to Orinda last night, catching the attention of neighbors along Moraga Way until the alleged perps crashed their car and Lamorinda PD caught up with them on Highway 24. Apparently, the two people detained were suspected of felony grand theft and that’s another of the irons we have in the fire this morning.

We’re also interested in an unusual robbery in San Ramon yesterday that, if borne out, may have had a precedent elsewhere in the Bay Area and employed an unusual technique to relieve a victim of her jewelry. We’ll see. Iron still heating up.

Oh, yes, managed to sneak in a wonderful Thanksgiving with the greatest folks (and best chefs) on the planet and that iron has been successfully drawn out of the fire but still glows warm. Good day.

Um, lessee, local sports teams faring well in their respective divisions and fields of endeavor, with the Campolindo men’s hoops squad winning the Norcal Tip Off Classic, and the Campo women winning the D3 State Cross Country Championship while the boys took second. Nice… and, dang, it would be good to have that much energy again. We have so many irons to mind.


  1. There seemed to be considerable interest, along with the sadness, as to how the bicyclist, Mr. Russell, happened to collide with a Honda in Moraga. I would guess that that kind of info may be hard to get at this time…especially since lawsuits often follow fatal collisions.

    • That interest has been made known to us in no uncertain terms, David, and we have asked – understanding that accident investigations can be complex and are also often legally touchy, as you note. We’ll update the story or release any pertinent news as it reaches us… as it may help keep us from suffering a repeat of this tragedy in future.

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