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District Attorney Lists Charges Against Nordstrom Theft Suspects


From the Office of the District Attorney: 

Three defendants face Felony charges of conspiracy, burglary, robbery, and organized retail theft. 

MARTINEZ – The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office announces Felony charges have been filed related to the retail thefts at Nordstrom, Walnut Creek on November 20, 2021, when approximately 90 individuals stormed the Nordstrom Department Store in Walnut Creek simultaneously using three separate entrances.  

Three people have been arrested by the Walnut Creek Police Department: 

Dana Dawson, 30; Joshua Underwood 32 and Rodney Robinson 19.  

“The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office is committed to working with the Walnut Creek Police Department and our retail community to hold those involved in retail theft accountable.  We are committed to stopping those who participate in organized retail theft, which has adverse and costly impacts on business owners and consumers as well” stated District Attorney Diana Becton.

See copy of the complaint and charges HERE.  The defendants will be arraigned on the Felony charges on November 29, 2021 @ 1:30 p.m. in Department 25 of the Contra Costa Superior Court.


  1. Wow, Becton actually has bail on them, and they are still in custody. One at 275k, and 200k for the other two. I’m sure there’s a go fund me for them to get the 10% bail, maybe Kamala Harris will donate to this one too. 108RS

    • @Jeff – Their pals would need to fence a lot of handbags to raise $200k for just one of them, let alone $675k for all of them.

      Why are you encouraging the public to launch fundraiser for their bail? While decent citizens rightly take a dim view of the fiscally profligacy needed to detain criminal defendants before conviction (a constitutionally dubious practice), the circumstances here warrant an exception.

      These particular defendants were caught red handed following a planned, coordinated armed guerrilla assault on a civilian target. The defendants or their accomplices assaulted innocent bystanders for the sole purpose of terrorizing other victims to intimidate civilians who might be inclined to resist.

      • Campo Cougar, I think Jeff was being facetious about a fundraiser to raise bill for them. It’s just that Kamala Harris had fundraisers last Summer to bail out the people that torched our cities. He was playing on that.

  2. Even bigger wow, Becton has them for robbery (211pc), I guess they went too far when they hit and pepper sprayed the employees, might be tough to prove unless in store video caught these three throwing the blows. Maybe I’ll see them in court next Monday. 108RS

  3. I think some barbed wire around broadway plaza would be a nice touch, along with some armed checkpoints.

    Fa la la la la la la la.

  4. How much more of this are we going to tolerate. We are lacking law and order. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Stealing is wrong no matter what the value is. If we cannot respect law and order we simply regress as a society.

    • Here’s some news for you, one of the three, Joshua Underwood, is no longer in custody and the bail for the other two has been reduced.


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