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Bay Area Prosecutors Organize To Battle Retail Theft Crews

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From the Office of the District Attorney: 

MARTINEZ – Today, Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton announced an alliance between San Joaquin, Alameda, San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, law enforcement, and state agencies to combat the recent increase in organized retail theft. Each office has pledged a prosecutor to collaborate and participate in the joint effort.

“Fencing and organized retail theft rings operate across jurisdictional boundaries,” said Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton. “As prosecutors, we must respond to the nature of these crimes and operate with our partners to more effectively meet this challenge. Those responsible for perpetuating these crimes are working together as a team, and to ensure accountability for their crimes, law enforcement needs to work together as a team too.  These caught and arrested will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

“Organized retail theft has adverse and costly impacts on business owners and consumers alike,” said San Joaquin District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar. “Through a partnership with our neighboring counties, we will hold all parties accountable, including fencing rings and individuals who purchase stolen goods. We commend Governor Newsom and Attorney General Bonta for taking organized retail theft seriously and we implore the community to report suspicious resell activity to assist law enforcement’s efforts in tracking organized retail theft rings.” 

While police work to strengthen investigations and collaborations across jurisdictional boundaries, prosecutors’ offices similarly can better ensure accountability through information sharing. The partnership between counties and local agencies would allow for the sharing of information through data collection, crime analytics, as well as pooled investigative tools to successfully prosecute those involved with organized retail theft schemes. In addition to the shared resources between counties, the District Attorney’s Offices would continue to collaborate with their local retailers and State Representatives to ensure statues that cover organized theft rings are enforceable and improve safety for consumers. 

“Retail theft crimes are affecting all counties in the Bay Area as well as across the nation.  Collaboration and shared strategies with neighboring prosecutors and law enforcement partners are critical to both preventing and responding to organized retail theft,” said San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.  “This alliance of prosecutors is committed to developing strategies to combat these organized crimes.  Together, we are determined to stop those who participate in organized retail theft, including by dismantling the fencing networks that make this type of crime profitable.”

“The recent premeditated retail theft mob action in multiple cities across Northern California is intolerable and will not be accepted by District Attorneys, law enforcement officials and our community members,” said San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.  “Anyone caught engaging in such criminal conduct should expect to find themselves facing prosecution, conviction and incarceration. There is no leniency for such behavior.”

“The recent acts of retail thefts, robberies and mass-mob burglaries throughout Northern California will not be tolerated. These are clearly carefully orchestrated crimes, working together in large groups to create a mob-like mentality,” said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. They are instilling fear in merchants, customers, and the wider community. This is especially appalling at a time where many are out and about during the holiday season. Be assured that those caught and arrested will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” 

“California has seen shifts in crime trends and tactics, and Bay Area prosecutors are forming this partnership to meet the moment,” said Cristine DeBerry, Executive Director of the Prosecutors Alliance of California.  “Partnerships like these reflect the need to implement modern solutions to modern problems.  These crimes happen quickly, and they may not be caught in the act.  Through information sharing and coordination, there will be greater likelihood of arrests and accountability than everyone working in isolation.”


  1. Sure, after one is being recalled and the others feel the heat, even MSM went after Bodoin last night. How are those prosecutions of Kiannis Woods Yanai Tadesse, 20, of Oakland; Lashanda Breedlove, 38, of Oakland; Alayshia Cheatham, 21, of Elk Grove; Msshaniequa George, 30, of Lemoore; Labria Ardoin, 26, of Antioch; Jaqueline Currington, 29, from Richmond; and Kaytiana Pennington, 20, Aljonique Mitchell, 26, and, 19, all from San Leandro. Going???????? Likely not. 108RS

  2. Oh, a double post, but I looked up Lashanda Breedlove on the CoCo Court System and could not find her case, likely dropped. And checked county jail and state prison inmate locators and she’s not in custody. 108RS

  3. Where the hell have they been the last 3+ years?

    So basically how you get inept politicians and district attorneys to get off their rump is by having a problem so extremely bad you make the front page of the dailymail 3 days in a row?

    Wow, as if they didn’t know the extent of the problem. And you wonder why we had a potential recall. WAKE UP. When citizens tell them who live in the county, they ignore us for years, when daily mail makes them look like the useless bums they are zoom zoom, We are on it guys!

    Notice how there is ZERO information about how they plan to fix the problem, because they have no plan.

  4. Soft on crime DA Becton is part of the problem. And so are the soft on crime voters. Until you stop coddling criminals and making excuses (enabling) this will only get worse. Tough (or at least fair) on crime. This state chose to keep Newsom (bleeding heart liberal) so there you have it. You have nobody to blame but yourself. This is a little too late. Good luck.

    • Please God, make the conservative drumbeat that has TRIED to drown out the thoughts and beliefs of actual Americans go away. You Know Who made it okay for them to bleat like jackasses about the dumbest of things (Is JFK back yet? No?) and think that they actually can whine their way to control of the country while throwing out the rule of law. Remember Jan 6? We do. We saw what you did there. Just keep grasping at those straws and repeating the party line. We’ve got better things to do.

      • Many people believe keeping our families, elders, sisters, and children safe are just common sense, not a political stance. (I’m an Independent.) We’ve tried Antifa, riots, looting, early release, and we’re seeing dramatic, record-breaking violence.

        Notice how Progressives support dozens of cities being burned, dozens killed, thousands of businesses closed, yet a J6 protest consumes them. (BTW, when murder soars, it predominantly affects families of color.)

        P.S. Is Madem Pelosi really retiring to DeSantis’ Florida?

        • Maybe it would be quicker for you to list everyone you know who isn’t leaving the state to escape the horrible conditions here. Aaaaand, on a second note, the state of Florida does not belong to the Governor. It’s more of a custodial thing with a rented office.

        • Dozens of cities being burned? Put down the crack pipe (and the remote) and go outside for a walk in the real world. There are no traveling hordes of suspiciously dark-skinned people burning down cities.

          Almost all the people killed ina association with “antifa” and BLM protests were killed by right-wing attackers or police. I’m aware of exactly one person killed by a anti-racism protester. All the murderous violence is on your side.

          • Yes, dozens of cities. I noted no complexion, though the Portand Holligans seem overwhelmingly European.

            Portland: The CHAZ, (later CHOP) police-free Zone had 4 shootings, 2 deaths, and multiple sexual assaults in one week.

            Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a President Trump supporter, was killed in Portland.  (Danielson’s suspected killer, Michael Reinoehl, was a “anti-fascist” protester.)

            Veteran Ashli Babbitt was killed by a Senate security officer.

            Officer Patrick Underwood killed in Oakland during a BLM protest.

            Writer Andy Ngo was beaten to near death in Portland, and has had to leave leave the country. (He happens to be gay and Asian.)

      • I’m a moderate independent and a former moderate Democrat, when I was young. I’ve never been a conservative or a liberal. Liberals drove me out of the Democratic party. Not everyone is conservative or liberal. Moderates (of any party) outnumber both, and conservatives are close behind. I paid absolutely no attention to Jan 6 because I thought it was as asinine as the BS liberals engage in. We clear? I’m tough on both sides, because unless both sides move closer to the middle, we’ll never have democracy.

  5. A friend who moved from San Francisco to Utah says we’re all over the news there.

    Union Square and then Walnut Creek, which seemed to spur multiple looting events in Oakland, Los Angeles (The Grove), and Beverly Hills. The City was also hit in other locations, including the Outer Mission.

    Public relations.

    • Utah has its own problems. And they make the news from time to time themselves. Pretty state with decent hardworking people but I’ll be staying in California.

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