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One Shot, Wounded On Adelaide Street In Concord Wednesday

Photo: Concord PD

Concord police have closed Adelaide Street in their city as officers comb the area looking for evidence associated with a shooting reported earlier in the evening.

Police began a search for clues after a man walked in to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach. The severity of the victim’s wounds were not immediately known.

Officers searching Adelaide have reportedly found evidence of bullet strikes to buildings and cars in the area. A crime scene has also reportedly been located in the 1500 block of Adelaide.

Details remain sketchy at this hour. We’ll update this story with new information as soon as it’s available.


  1. “Police began a search for clues after a man walked in to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach.”

    Really? There is NOT a local hospital for every shooting. Try 911 or Uber next time. Better yet, let there not be a next time for you. So many guns.

  2. There’s too many criminals running around out there! That’s the problem!
    They will use guns, knives, hammers ……..and ban those, and they will use forks, sicssors rocks etc. Then who knows, bombs.
    I’m not a super gun supporter but just want to point out that it’s the criminal that’s the problem. We have some crazy criminal supporters out there too would rather see them with the guns and not the police.
    Things are going to get worse unless we put our heads on straight.

  3. I live near Sun Valley Mall and there was some kind of manhunt going on, because the helicopter flew over the area for about 30 minutes last night, wide circles around our neighborhood.

        • Ha! Unsure of your actual service status, Jeff, and we don’t pry… but we (Call Sign NUZ24680) were kept busy chasing down major incidents across the area (and on into the morning) with 1.) a ping-pong chase from Lafayette to Alamo and ending in Orinda with two arrests, 2.) the shooting we reported on here (one hit and still under investigation, we presume), 3. a flurry of cat converter thefts in PHill (which we Flashed), 4.) a cutting on Buskirk, 5.) a couple of Fentanyl cases and a recalcitrant suspect down in the nether regions of the Valley. Some other stuff meaningful to the neighborhoods which we ended up Flashing rather than work into stories for the site… that 3.8 Shaker didn’t even make it onto the site!

          • Yeah, I guess I could get a scanner, I have an app on my phone. Retired, but still ready to hook and book. 108RS

          • For us, it usually starts with a series of texts, emails or phone queries from neighbors who want to know why there’s a helicopter hovering over their house or a bunch of LEOs crisscrossing the neighborhoods with big guns… we’re lucky to get “eyes on” reports and photos/vids.

  4. Jeff, you wrote:
    “It did work in Kenosha, I’m sure many of the rioters had second thoughts later in the evening.”

    This kind of vigilantism, an out of town teenager with an automatic weapon, purchased illegally, is no less than a lynching in its chilling effect. If true, if “It did work” to suppress an appeal for equal rights, equal justice, we are all the lesser for it. Your take on this turns “law and order” on its head. The early mission of bounty hunters/police returning escaped slaves by any means necessary for profit to their “rightful owner” is the wellspring, the raison d’etre, for the mission you delight in.

    If there are looters, rioters committing crime, that is illegal, and they can be prosecuted in a society ruled by law, not summarily shot.

    • david,

      I am all for peaceful protest, I think Martin Luther King was one of our greatest Americans. When the protest turns to rioting and looting, the authorities should arrest and if necessary use force. When the authorities refuse to do so (Oakland, Berkeley, etc) then it becomes a matter for the people.

      Notice how Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges.

      • Not at all surprising. What IS surprising is that with all the guns out there that night only two people were killed and one wounded. Allowing kids and para military wannabe to parade in your streets is just asking for trouble — with the expected results. Good luck Wisconsin.

        • It may soon be coming to California, given the arguments recently presented before the US Supreme Court. 108RS

          And, I wonder why our benevolent host did not post up my picture of the Walnut Creek rioting?

        • Kenosha is a one off. Antifa, BLM, and lockdowns have given historic increases in violence. The murder rate in Stockton doubled. Oakland has gone from approximately 70 murders to 119 (50+% increase), and counting. Six weeks left. Mostly black and brown young men.

  5. @Jeff “Open carrying of firearms, without a permit. 108RS”
    That should definitely liven up the bar scene on Friday nights.

    • I’m not in favor of it, but when you have politicians from various states including California denying all concealed carry permits, even to those who might have a legitimate reason, well, the Constitution rears it’s head. And, this isn’t personal, I am HR218. 108RS

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