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Sunvalley Diamond Store Blitzed By Hammer-Wielding Thieves Monday


A squad of masked, hammer-wielding thieves stormed a Sunvalley jewelry store Monday, attacking display cases with construction hammers and making off with an undetermined amount of goods.

The robbery was reported by patrons who saw the robbery crew – comprised of seven to nine males in their late teens to early 20s – enter the mall at approximately 7:20 p.m. and make their way to the Iceberg Diamond store on the mall’s second level.

The suspects brushed past employees and attacked the cases, grabbing what they could before exiting the store.


  1. Who raises these pathetic proletariat savages?

    In an era of generational labor shortages and spiraling wages and benefit costs, there is no excuse whatsoever for predatory pilfering.

    • Don’t blaspheme my beloved proletariat…The proletariat IS the working class. Those who labor to produce something. These human specimens are criminals.

    • When Sunvalley Mall was launched in 1967 it was reportedly the biggest and finest in America of new breed indoor malls. Unfortunately social and economic trends of the area have turned it into a lower end type place. Spooky at times to be shopping at. Thankfully the Pleasanton Stoneridge Mall is still a very nice place for those who like to visit and enjoy a nice Mall.

      • The only problem is that Pleasanton Mall has had a couple of robberies and a shooting recently, still much better than Sun Valley.

        • Yes – was just going to say this. We used to visit Stoneridge quite often but not so much now. Unfortunately any place that seems to gather a crowd has been problematic for us. We know people like and use the malls but they are a no go for us these days.

  2. Here’s a bigger question. Were any of the arrested Walnut Creek looters ever prosecuted and what is there status? 108RS

    • I recall the WCPD slowly marching down Main Street from the PD to Broadway Plaza. Bizarre. Then ‘clearing’ empty stores as the criminals were already given time to escape.

      • Mark,

        WCPD was a disaster that day, and I have an expert opinion. Granted that no one would have expected a group that size to descend upon sleepy Walnut Creek, but the response of WCPD was exceptionally poor, I attribute it to the City Council and Police Chief (not the most experienced guy in the world although a nice and very bright guy).

        My office building is across the street from Broadway Plaza, I exited my office as it was all happening, I took pictures, I could have done a Kyle Rittenhouse, I had all of the tools, but I know better, one individual did threaten my life for taking a picture of him.

        Now, what has Becton done with the few that were arrested?????????????


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