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San Ramon PD Releases Info On Wednesday Night Pursuit, Crash


From San Ramon PD:

On October 27, 2021, at approximately 7:42 pm, San Ramon Police Department Officers were notified a reported stolen vehicle had entered the City of San Ramon through an alert generated by our City’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras. Based on the image captured by our cameras, the associated vehicle was a 2013 Fleetwood Motorhome reported stolen out of San Francisco.

At 7:44 pm, the motorhome was confirmed as an outstanding stolen vehicle by the San Francisco Police Department. At roughly 7:47 pm, Officers from the San Ramon Police Department located the motorhome on Bollinger Canyon Road near Dougherty Road. The initial Officer followed the motorhome for a short distance until additional Officers arrived.

At 7:50 pm, Officers stopped the motorhome near Camassia Way and North Wedgewood Road. The driver of the motorhome initially complied and stopped the motorhome. However, as Officers were making initial contact, the driver fled. Officers pursued the vehicle for roughly 2 miles from the initial traffic stop and onto Bollinger Canyon Road.

Officers continued to follow the motorhome with their lights and sirens activated. At approximately 7:54 pm, the suspect was driving west on Bollinger Canyon Road, approaching Alcosta Blvd. The suspect encountered several other vehicles and made rapid movements to avoid these vehicles while also entering the intersection against a red light. At the same time the suspect drove the motorhome into the intersection, an uninvolved car attempted to turn left from southbound Alcosta Blvd onto eastbound Bollinger Canyon Road. The suspect driving the motorhome struck this vehicle as it entered this intersection.

Following the collision, the driver of the uninvolved vehicle was able to walk away with minor injuries. The motorhome and the suspect inside flipped onto its side and slid down Bollinger Canyon Road, coming to rest near Market Place. Officers approached the motorhome but could not locate or see the driver inside. At this point, Officers did not know if the suspect had fled on foot or was still inside the vehicle.

An armored vehicle was brought to the scene for public and officer safety as the search continued. In addition, Officers from the Danville Police Department responded with a drone to assist in the search. As the incident continued, Officers flew a small drone inside the motorhome and saw someone inside, unresponsive, and underneath a sofa. Officers entered the motorhome after seeing the person via drone footage and determined the individual needed immediate medical attention.

San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District members, who were already at the location, extricated the person and immediately transported him to the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for treatment. It was determined the individual inside the motorhome was the sole occupant and the suspect driving the vehicle. He was identified as Eric Games, a 42-year-old male out of San Francisco.

Games was released from custody in San Francisco on 10/26/21 and into San Francisco County’s supervised release program with two pending criminal cases, which involved the following charges.

 Penal Code 496 – Felony – Possession of Stolen Property

 Health and Safety Code 11378 – Felony – Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell

 Health and Safety Code 11379 – Felony – Transporting a dangerous drug

 Vehicle Code 10851 – Felony – Vehicle Theft

 Penal Code 148.9(a) – Misdemeanor – False I.D. to a Peace Officer

 Penal Code 485 – Misdemeanor – Misappropriation of Lost Property

 Vehicle Code 23103(a) – Misdemeanor – Reckless Driving

 Vehicle Code 12500(a) – Misdemeanor – Driving without a license

 Vehicle Code 14601.1a – Driving on a suspended license

 Vehicle Code 16028(a) – Driving without insurance

As a result of his actions, a no-bail warrant has been issued for Games by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office for violations of their supervised release program. In addition, once Games is medically cleared and released from John Muir Hospital, he will be booked into the Contra Costa County Jail on the San Francisco County warrant and the following additional violations.

 Vehicle Code 2800.2 – Felony – Reckless evading of a peace officer

 Vehicle Code 10851 – Felony – Vehicle theft

 Vehicle Code 20001 – Felony – Hit and run causing injury

 Penal Code 496 – Felony – Possession of stolen property

Detectives from the San Ramon Police Department continue investigating this incident, and additional charges may be forthcoming pending an interior search of the motorhome. Any additional information will be provided at a later date. The investigation surrounding the collision is being conducted by the Walnut Creek Police Department’s Traffic Collision Investigation Unit.


  1. We were hav ing dinner nearby when one of our party got up to go to the restroom. When he came back we heard all the sirens and he said a Winnebago had just rolled outside. We didn’t believe him. And then all our flash alarms started going off! Crazy!!!

  2. “Officers flew a small drone inside the motorhome and saw someone inside, unresponsive, and underneath a sofa.” — straight out of Minority Report!

  3. San Francisco has always been light on crime. You can murder a mayor and city supervisor and only get 5 years in prison. Given that baseline, I can’t imagine the crimes listed in this article would yield any prison time in San Francisco.

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