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Circuitous “Following” Ends With Arrest In Saranap Thursday

Photo: Reader Submission

A twisty chase through Central Contra Costa turned into a “following” – and not a pursuit – our readers hastened to correct us, then a crash and an arrest outside Sundance Antiques in Saranap Thursday.

Things got underway shortly after 6 p.m. when officers in Lafayette got behind a grey Toyota as it left the city for Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, south to Alamo and then back again before the driver lost control of the vehicle and a sizable number of following officers from various jurisdictions moved in to make the arrest.

Photo: Reader Submission

It was not immediately known what police wanted with the car and driver, but she got a warm reception as she was taken into custody in the area of 2323 Boulevard Circle, a sheriff’s helicopter orbiting the scene.

The arrest was made about 7:40 p.m. after numerous attempts to incapacitate the vehicle and police finally opted for tracking it until the driver lost control and crashed.




  1. They can’t be that afraid of jail because they’re not spending very much time there. Could it be some kind of game to them?

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