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Thieves Assault, Rob Man On Homestead Avenue In Walnut Creek Friday


A man walking in the 1000 block of Homestead Avenue in Walnut Creek was pistol-whipped and robbed by two men who escaped in a car last seen heading towards Walnut Boulevard Friday.

The robbery was reported at 5:41 p.m., when two men identified as black, wearing full face masks and driving a white Camaro with tinted windows approached the victim, struck him with a firearm of unknown type and made off with his briefcase and phone.

It was not immediately known if the victim was seriously injured, though he is believed to have been taken to a local hospital for observation.

Ed. Note: This site has been and is getting an extraordinary (even by today’s standards) amount of criticism regarding this and other stories which happen to have a Walnut Creek focus. First, we cover Walnut Creek soooo… there’s that, get used to it. Second, nearly all of this criticism appears to be coming from a single source and appears dedicated to seeing us pull off the story, any story, relating to crime in Walnut Creek. It has been suggested that we made up this story, for what purpose we’re not entirely clear… with the basis for that opinion being that it is not appearing anywhere else or on WCPD’s own crime logs. So…

WCPD police blotter. Click to enlarge.


  1. Few consequences, no surprises.

    Expected after officials let alleged Brentwood gang banger loose who shot 4, killed one, and police found a gun and ammo at his home (Spoontonic shooting).

    Is Walnut Creek the new OK Coral?

    • Apparently it is…sadly:( California released 76,000 violent offenders early a few months ago. Also thefts below $900 don’t get prosecuted. Now add defund the police to the mix and this is what we get. I’m so sick of this! Time to vote some people out!!!

    • I’m wondering if they ever identified and caught the people who shot a woman on Roble Road in Walnut Creek on 9/18. Haven’t heard if they did.

  2. @Mark – As you observe, “officials let ALLEGED Brentwood gang banger loose” after detaining him on suspicion of murder and AWDW (emphasis added).

    The key word is “alleged.” The constabulary arrested him, and the DA’s office (presumably) determined that the evidence presented was insufficient to file charges. That does not mean he’s off the hook, provided of course that investigators obtain enough colorable evidence to establish a prima facia basis for criminal charges. That is how US constitution works. The government cannot detain individuals indefinitely without filing criminal charges that, if proven beyond doubt, establish guilt. If the government does not file charges, then the suspect cannot remain incarcerated for more than 72 hours.

    Firearms possession alone is an insufficient basis to file murder charges. I’ve legally owned a number of sidearms and semiautomatic rifles over the years. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re also a gun owner. Neither of us would find it acceptable for the cops to hold us on suspicion of murder on that basis alone. I’ve never discharged a firearm against a civilian; i hope that you haven’t either (even justifiable self defense shootings are legally perilous and emotionally traumatic for the defender); criminal charges require corroborating evidence, which presumably was not obtained.

    If the DA had proceeded without sufficient evidence, jeopardy would attach. The charges would then be vulnerable to a defense motion to dismiss with prejudice, in which case the suspect would be immune from prosecution even if subsequent evidence suffice to support charges. I doubt that you or any other decent citizen would applaud such an unjust outcome.

    • I generally understand your points, as a lay person. But then why are some alleged January 6th protesters/ rioters still held in DC jail cells, and not provided the evidence and thousands of hours of video which could exonerate them? (Brady material.)

      • Because the large number of rioters and the enormous trove of evidence, video and other, are overwhelming a turgid court system not built for that volume? Do you think that the people who followed the glass breakers and door breakers were unaware that they were not supposed to enter the Capitol that way?? You have to be pretty “narrow-focused”, shall we say, to believe that these rioters deserve special treatment that other arrested and charged individuals don’t receive. Sedition is not patriotism, and anti-democratic acts are as unamerican as Mussolini’s fascism.

        • @Mark Jones – I’m less familiar than you with with the factual and procedural nuance of the charges and underlying evidence against the defendants accused perpetrators of the January 6 insurrection.

          Presumably, the DOJ has proffered sufficient evidence and alleged criminal conduct with sufficient specificity to assert a prima facia case of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.* If the DOJ did not, the defendants’ counsel would undoubtably file a motion to dismiss. The situation you describe sounds like a dispute as to whether the government may lawfully withhold evidence beyond the four corners of the charging indictments. That is a different — though no less important — matter than whether the charging document alleges a facially viable legal and factual basis for criminal charges.

          *The trier of fact, usually a jury, will ultimately evaluate the credibility of the evidence presented and determine whether the prosecutors establish a sufficient factual basis to sustain government’s allegations.

          • It is an extreme departure from DOJ practice to obtain arrest warrants in every case.

            Typically, the DOJ prosecutor can obtain an indictment, or an arrest warrant. The practice for the DOJ was to ask for arrest warrants if the suspect was potentially dangerous, or the person might flee.

            The DOJ is filing arrest warrants in all the January 6th cases. Another sign of it being political and abusive:  when the DOJ drags someone out of their home at the crack of dawn like they are a violent gangster. They are punishing non-violent J6 defenders, trying to scare them into pleading guilty to misdemeanors in order to avoid more severe consequences.

      • Mark, you hit the nail on the head with your comment, something is not right about Jan 6th and most folks know full well!

    • P.S. No, I don’t own a gun, maybe in the future. Risky proposition. I don’t want to be Bernard Getz, yet I have been jumped (9 on 1?). Not pretty.

      • Speaking as people who have been on the wrong end of guns and even occasional bullets – we don’t recommend it!

        • They’re damn nice to have to protect yourself and your family though. Especially today where we get very little protection from police and our idiot governor lets violent criminals out of prison. My house is WELL covered.

    • @Mark – I dunno. In most countries, a large group of political protesters breaching the perimeter of the nation’s parliamentary building during a legislative session — particularly with a stated goal of thwarting a proceeding to codify the transition of executive power — would’ve been promptly dispatched with lethal force long before breaching the exterior walls. Few, if any, would be lucky enough to quibble over the nuance of law enforcement protocol many months later or enjoy the benefit of judicial transparency and due process, let alone the right to a speedy trial.

      I’m glad we live in a country that where the parliamentary guards exercised such extraordinary restraint. Aren’t you?

    • My comment parodies the circular logic which is favored by the propagandists we hear from every day, the “people say” people. It’s not directed at Mr. Tony C. It’s directed at the nonsense and at no one in particular.

    • Sheri – we only know that the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment/observation. We have no official information on the crew suspected of attacking him.

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