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(Political) Signs Of The Times – Orinda Offers Guidelines

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Election Day looms and temporary political signage is sprouting like Moraga Daffodils again as we get closer to picking our future leaders.

Orinda City Manager Steve Salomon gently reminded residents and potential sign-planters within his purview to be mindful of their placement – please – as well as considerations the city has made to make it possible for citizens to express their support for an individual candidate.

Generally signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way, Mister Salomon says, however the City has adopted a special policy which identifies specific locations where temporary signs can be erected for up to 70 days. (Note: “policy” link above includes a map as well as pictures.)

The allowed locations include the following intersections:

1. Camino Pablo and Miner Road,
2. Camino Pablo and El Toyonal,
3. Camino Pablo and Camino Sobrante,
4. Honey Hill Road and Via Las Cruces,
5. Charles Hill Road and El Nido Ranch Road,
6. Saint Stephens and El Nido Ranch,
7. Saint Stephens and Hidden Valley Road,
8. Overhill Road and Tara Road,
9. Glorietta Blvd and Rheem Blvd,
10. Moraga Way and Overhill Road,
11. Moraga Way and Valley View Drive,
12. Moraga Way and Hall Drive, and
13. Moraga Way and Ivy Drive (north).

Steve asks that those campaigning follow the regulations and policy that has been set to assure that the entire City is not littered with signs. Of course, any interested party is welcome to post non-invasive, digital signage on the pages of this site for a nominal fee.

Temporary signs in the public right-of-way in violation of the standards of the code will be removed by the City of Orinda. The City will make a reasonable effort to reach the sign owners to inform them that their signs were removed and where they may retrieve their signs.

For questions regarding these regulations or to report violations, please call the Planning Department at 925-253-4210.

If your sign was removed by the City, you may contact the Public Works and Engineering Department at 925-253- 4231 to inquire about the status of your sign.


  1. Yes but if every politician bought online ads the rest of us would have no fun creeping into our neighbors yards to steal their signs!

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