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Additional Businesses Opening In Contra Costa County

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The California Department of Public Health on Friday announced new statewide guidelines to make regulations and community re-openings more standardized throughout the state.

Contra Costa and most other counties are now in the purple (most restrictive) tier. According to these new state rules, hair salons and barber shops can now operate indoors in Contra Costa County with safety guidelines in place. Indoor shopping malls may also reopen at 25% maximum occupancy as long as public congregation points and food courts are closed and the mall has approved a COVID-19 safety plan from Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS).

Gyms and fitness centers may begin operating outdoors in accordance with their own state guidelines and checklist. These new state rules do not change the restrictions on in-person education, or the state’s school waiver process in Contra Costa. We continue to evaluate the State’s new framework and its impact on our county, and we will provide additional information as it becomes available.

CCHS encourages businesses to adjust reopening plans as needed in response to changes in air quality in the county from Northern California wildfires. The county has issued a health advisory about smoke, encouraging all residents to stay inside when possible with doors and windows shut.

For air quality updates and forecasts, visit the Bay Area Air Quality Management District website. Contra Costa Health Services urges residents to continue wearing face coverings when they go out or are near people outside their households, observe physical distancing, stay home from work or school when they do not feel well and wash their hands thoroughly and often.


  1. Open the entire state. Quarantine the elderly and those with underlying health problems. Going on six months of punishment for healthy folks is too long. .

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