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One Person Believed Hit In Walnut Creek Drive-By Friday

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Passersby scattered after a flurry of gunfire broke out in the 3100 block of Oak Road in Walnut Creek Friday, wounding one person and sparking reports of a possible running gun battle between different factions in separate cars.

The incident, reported at 1:28 p.m., triggered a swarm of reports from witnesses who all reported seeing a different chain of events.

Medical personnel assisted a person suffering an apparent gunshot wound to the hip shortly after the incident was reported. That victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Condition information was not available.

Several witnesses said the victim was hit as they were leaving the parking lot of a Subway and 7-Eleven store on Oak Road. That person may have driven/been driven a distance away before calling for help.

Car and suspect descriptions were varied but we believe police are looking for a gold, older model SUV with at least three Hispanic or Pacific Islander males aboard.


  1. No, the shooting few weeks ago was a college friend of my sons. It was an attempted car jacking. He was shot four times but recovered.

  2. Witnesses saw a different chain of events? It’s reported on Claycord that this happened at 1:30 this afternoon on Buskirk Ave near Oak Park Blvd./Coggins Dr. in Pleasant Hill. With a map included. Which location is correct? It’s the same shooting – man shot in the hip. Was he shot more than once?

  3. Pretty crazy. Kind of rolled through the aftermath and police were laying out tape and stuff. Thank for the flash alert… we were able to figure out what was happening.

  4. Girlfriend works in the area and she said she saw the police response but not much else. Guy at the restaurant we go to sometimes said he heard several shots. Broad daylight – dayum.

  5. If 20 people thought they saw this and called in I’ll bet there were 20 different descriptions of the perps and car or cars.

  6. Does Walnut Creek have traffic cameras that can record criminal activities like this? Or shot detectors?!

    • Don’t believe the city has Shot Spotter technology, Dennis, but we do believe ALPR and traffic cameras are in place… don’t know if they captured anything yesterday. Business people down there did say police canvassed them for surveillance camera footage…

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