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Busy Morning: Structure Fire In Orinda; Wrong-Way Pursuit On 24/680


We had the cucumber-base beauty mask on and were working on those under-eye satchels we’ve been carrying around lately when bing bing bing – the alarm bells start going off.

Various agencies participated in an early a.m., circuitous pursuit of a local Thunder Runner who decided to make a break for home, leading officers on a sometimes wrong-way hayride from Lafayette to Concord. We believe police wanted to talk with him about his driving habits but backed off when they realized they knew him and that things were getting too speedy to continue.

Believe they scheduled a meeting for later.

And then, just before 3 a.m., our insomniac friends in Orinda noted a glow in their sky that shouldn’t be there and bing bing bing – we were off to the races again as it turned out a pool house was ablaze on Estates Drive in Orinda.

The building was reportedly fully engulfed by flame and there was some danger of the blaze spreading to the main house and adjacent vegetation. Firefighters were also concerned for the welfare of a person believed living in the structure.

Last word we had was that there was significant damage to the pool house but that the occupant was fine. No word on cause as firefighters swung into investigative mode.


  1. I miss the days when the fire department would say what started the fire and the police would say who they arrested and why.

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